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A mum’s story (part 3): Tuffel and the joys of motherhood

Feb 23 2015

We all know that mothers and multi-tasking are almost synonymous. You have your baby in one arm and the washing basket under the other and try to put on your slippers whilst thinking about dinner. Hospital life was easier in the sense that the emergency situation relieves you of the house duties at least temporarily whilst you are inside the ward. There is no washing to be done, that’s piling up at home. There are no dishes to be done. They are also piling up at home. There is no ironing to be done. Who needs ironing? There is dinner to be thought of, you should eat well but I certainly couldn’t have cared less. Thank God for online shopping, family and friends.

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A mum’s story (part 2): Coping and Hoping

Feb 18 2015

When people ask me “how do you cope?” my answer is generally: I don’t.

I hate the expression coping because it has a strong flavour of pain with an aftertaste of long-term suffering. Being told you’ll never know how long you have got left with your child is a tough nut to swallow. Being prepared for a life dedicated to medical cares throughout the day and night, how would anyone hold up knowing this? I’ve lived the “nightmare” with my son in hospital, seen people come and go. Some go home, some go to heaven and you never know which one of us may be hit next. How do you cope? The answer is relatively simple and plain: You take it one day at a time.

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It takes guts – Life will never be the same

Jan 17 2015

I don’t know about you, but my pregnancy wasn’t as fun as I had imagined. I thought I’d have this glamorously sacred, special time, being high on hormones and delighted about the growing life inside me. I thought once I had a heartbeat confirmed and the neckfold being fine, all would be well. And at week 20 I was excited for my big scan and I would finally to be told what colour scheme to choose. I didn’t expect to hear: “hmmm I’ve never seen anything like that – can you sit outside for a moment?”

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