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Change your Mindset – Prepare for a confident birth

Oct 17 2022
pregnant woman wearing a two piece bikini posing for mums magazine

Here are some sure-fire ways of changing your mindset about pregnancy and preparing you for a powerful and confident birth experience. Before we start, let me tell you that pregnancy and birth should be celebrated, so get involved and start finding out about how bloody amazing your body and baby are!

A key point I want to mention is learning and re-learning. It is important to spend your time, learning about your body and birth, and what is actually happening when you’re having contractions! Online sources which are evidence-based are a great source of information and can be super helpful just like my Instagram page.

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Orgasmic Birth, Oxytocin and Hypnobirthing  

Jul 10 2022
pregnant woman wearing a two piece bikini posing for mums magazine

Orgasmic birth or otherwise known as ecstatic birth is where a woman will feel an intense, powerful, pleasurable and sometimes orgasmic feeling when giving birth! The pleasure of childbirth which is backed by many studies has not made its way to the mainstream as many still believe it’s just not possible!

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The power of dance during labour

Jun 16 2022

Who doesn’t love a good song and dance? I mean ABBA hit the nail on the head! Without a song or a dance who are we?! Thank you to the music for giving me an easier labour… Ok but seriously, the bottom line is dancing and singing during birth have been shown to decrease the intensity of labour and raise the levels of that juicy oxytocin in the women and baby! Add music to the mix and you’re having a party! Who wouldn’t want that?

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