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Winter ‘Wonderland’…..Hmmmm I don’t think so!

Dec 11 2013

Perhaps I just had a particularly nasty encounter with the UK’s largest Christmas destination, however it was just so horrific that I felt compelled to write about it and warn others of my rather interesting trip to ‘Winter Wonderland’.

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Max Steel: The Movie Review

Nov 27 2013

“Max Steel” the movie tells the story of American teenager Maxwell McGrath and his alien companion and accomplice Steel. When they work as a team they are able to combine special turbo-energy powers to generate an amazing new style of superhero, otherwise known as the incredible Max Steel.

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FREE Family friendly London attraction: Vauxhall City Farm

Jul 15 2013

During the recent launch of Munch Bunch storytelling contest at Vauxhall City Farm we have taken the opportunity to browse around this farm which has a great motto: Celebrating keeping the Lamb in Lambeth for 35 Years.

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Film review: Monsters University – Disney Pixars’ scarily good prequel to the classic Monsters Inc.

Jun 14 2013

This year Pixar release Monsters University, the prequel to hilarious hit Monsters Inc which was released in 2001. It’s taken 12 years of work for the films prequel to make an appearance on our screens, but does this film live up to its beloved counterpart?

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