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Feel Confident in Your Choices

Oct 17 2013

I overheard a conversation some months ago that I’ve taken time to think about. A group of women meeting for coffee were discussing their interior designers and it seems, like car salesmen and estate agents, we’re not much liked: bossy and unbending, seemed to be the general consensus, not prepared to listen and highly-strung was another comment and the one that stung, anyone can do what they do, so why bother? Ouch.

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Transform that Old Thing

Sep 15 2013

Television scheduling is a mystery of the modern age. How is it that I can sit at home on a Saturday night (err, because I was out on a Friday…) with nothing to watch and then bizarrely, a series by my favourite, Kirstie Allsopp can charge across the screens in the middle of the summer with barely a fan fare?

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Jul 12 2013

Hands up who has memories of their mum, grandmother, aunt making things at home for the family? I would try to guess when we went to visit, if my grandmother was baking or making chutney – one I was more keen on than the other – but having access to this world of culinary creativity has been revived within me now that I have children of my own.

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Sew What You Reap

May 09 2013

There is something so completely addictive about trims and buttons, ribbons, beads and threads that I really do think Kirsty Allsop said it best; ‘haberdashery is like a drug’. With her passion for vintage textiles and home decoration, she has reawakened an interest in embellishment of home decor and clothing that could be said to have spearheaded the revival in handcrafts – although any visitor to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace every October might beg to differ!

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