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Summer Crafting

Aug 14 2014

Sometimes, even when the sun is shining, it’s nice to have a craft project on the go. Somehow sitting quietly and dabbing a bit of paint here and making a few twists with some thread there calms the soul and recharges the batteries of over-excited children – and parents – sufficiently for another round of tree climbing or bike riding. Go Create have come up with a wonderful selection of craft kits that are fun for all ages and even better use some of the items from your recycling – you’ll never look at a juice box the same way again. Here you can find some Summer crafting ideas.

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Decorating for Family Parties

Jun 15 2014
Family Parties

It’s Summer and for once the weather is being kind, so planning a party outdoors might not be such a silly idea. Start with a gazebo, to give cover as needed and you’ll find you can dress it to suit an event for anyone from 5 to 95. Here are some tips to decorate your house and garden for Family Parties.

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Easy DIY – Family Friendly Refurbishments

May 18 2014

A family home has so many demands placed on it that it’s a wonder any property stands up to the wish list we devise for our safety, comfort and pleasure. But believe it or not, it is completely possible to achieve a home that works for your needs without losing your sanity! The big thing is to be perfectly honest with yourself about how your home needs to work. Yes, you may be hankering after clean lines and a Scandi vibe, but will that work with your lifestyle? If you work from home for example, it’s a good idea to have your work area away from the main living space. And don’t forget, open plan living is noisy – there is no getting away from the sound of the kitchen when you want to relax and watch telly.

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Interiors to Make You Smile

May 04 2014

Recently I was looking at wallpaper for a client and became engrossed in the number of animal motifs that feature in the collections of the big interiors companies – and these designs are not aimed at children. The designs I’m talking about were edgy, whimsical but definitely not ‘for the nursery.’ And this got me to thinking, as a pattern an animal motif crosses a lot of boundaries. It is equally at home with spots, checks and stripes – and even florals and patterns harmonise well when co-ordinated with them. A cushion that has an animal on it – and I include fish, birds and reptiles in this group – becomes the instant focus of the scheme. It adds a general sense of drama – but in a playful way – and let’s be honest in a family home, anyone who takes themselves too seriously is going to be crying over split paint before they can say ‘I didn’t really like that rug anyway!’

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Decorating the Easter Table – Crafts to do with your children

Apr 09 2014
Easter Table

Easter Sunday is about more than Easter eggs but if your children are like mine, they have very little interest in anything else! To introduce them to the idea that Easter Sunday is a day of ancient celebration and feasting, why not create something special to decorate the Easter Table? I like to have all my old favourites on display that day and napkin rings made of felt are a pretty addition to a place setting. They are easy to make and easy to personalise – use any scraps of lace, ribbon or buttons that you have stashed away for instant personality and vintage appeal.

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