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Tips to encourage your child’s writing

Nov 04 2016

While lots of you may spend time reading with your child every day, when was the last time you encouraged them to write something they enjoy?

New research from the National Literacy Trust has shown that just one fifth of children (20.7%) write daily outside the classroom and more than a quarter of children (28.1%) say they rarely or never write something that isn’t for school.

This is particularly concerning as the research also shows that children who write outside the classroom every day are five times more likely to write above the expected level for their age, compared with those who never do so.

Here are some top tips for encouraging your child’s interest in writing as they grow up.

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Using technology to support your child’s early learning

Jun 17 2016

Technology and digital devices are now part of everyday life and most of you will have a smartphone or tablet at home.

As a parent, you might be worried about how your child is using technology and when it comes to touchscreens it can often feel that there’s conflicting advice about what is best for children.

The good news is that if it is used correctly alongside books, technology can play an important role in supporting your child’s early learning and literacy skills and the interactive nature of touchscreens can help them to learn in new ways.

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Where’s Wally? Fun Run Sunday 20 March 2016

Mar 15 2016

If you’re looking for a fun day out for the family this weekend, head to Clapham Common for the National Literacy Trust’s Where’s Wally? fun run!

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