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The Guinness World Records book is 60!

Nov 28 2014

The Guinness World Records (GWR) book turns 60 and celebrated with a big Mummy Blogger Party on 30th October 2014 which marked the 60th birthday and edition of the world most famous annual.

The party was aimed at mums and children and was such great fun for all. The afternoon was packed with activities, food and the best thing of all was……. actually meeting up close some special guests who are world record breakers.

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Film review: Scooby-Doo’s Franken Creepy

Nov 07 2014

Halloween would have not been so without a spooky film we saw during the half term.  We went to Warner Bros HQ’s for an exclusive Halloween screening of Scooby-Doo’s  Franken Creepy which was a great new film for kids and adults alike  – that is if you are a cartoon fanatic like me! The event started with spooky activities including biscuit decorating, face painting and balloon modelling. The activities’ room was decorated in theme with pumpkins and spider webs all around and you could sense a scary and creepy atmosphere all round. Also the food was in theme with sweets shaped out like little ghosts.

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Chocolate Fashion in London

Oct 30 2014

They have finally created an event in London for chocolate lovers just like myself!  The Chocolate Show in Olympia is actually in its second year running. Everything you love about chocolate is all under one roof for a whole week-end and the smell of chocolate will transport you away. As soon as you enter the showroom you can see chocolate stands dotted everywhere around the venue…… here are some snaps of exhibitors who are personally showcasing some samples of their best products particularly the Chocolate Fashion.   Warning!  Your mouth will be watering while looking at these photos….

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Rio 2 DVD release: Special screening at London Zoo

Aug 12 2014

Recently we were invited to an exceptional screening of Rio 2 at the London Zoo to celebrate the release of the DVD. My daughter Chiara and I were welcomed by a member of staff who told us to follow other families towards a lovely building within the London Zoo’s setting.  Once we reached the venue we were greeted  by lovely ladies all wearing Amazon-style Summer hats and very bright yellow t-shirts with the Rio 2 images.

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Film Review: The Nut Job

Aug 01 2014

The Nut Job, directed by Peter Lepeniotis and starring  Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl hits UK cinemas on 1st August 2014.

The Nut Job is a 90 minutes PG rated family animation adventure comedy that will hit the screens just in time for the summer school holidays! It’s all about squirrels in  their nutty world and in this case specifically about an outcast squirrel, Surly (Will Arnett) who drastically changes habits from being a selfish squirrel to a generous and soft-hearted animal  due to changes in circumstances.

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