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Film review: Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Oct 15 2019

Five years after the release of the hit film Maleficent, Disney is bringing back the horned fairy in a new and captivating film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil which children and adults alike will fully enjoy. I must admit that I end up loving the main character. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil will be in cinemas from 18th October 2019 just in time for the school half-term break. 

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Health: Is cannabis-based oil CBD legal? Sorting fact from fiction

Sep 30 2019

I attended a health conference at the lovely Ivy restaurant in Central London recently where experts shed some light into CBD also known as Cannabidiol, sorting fact from fiction. 

In recent months, in a way or another, we have all heard about the term CBD oil, but is the meaning clear to us? Well, I have to say that the event did open my eyes as I did not have very clear thoughts about CBD oil.

Thanks to some professionals and especially to one of the speaker and representing Dragonfly CBD Mr Jon Connolly, I learnt about the reasoning behind the making of this oil. 

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An evening with Smeg

Sep 29 2019

Last week during London Design Festival, Smeg launched new products at its flagship store in Regent Street ‘An Italian Summer’. Smeg is the family-run esteemed Italian manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances including cookers to fridges with a very particular and unique style which specialises in enamel metals.

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Indoor air pollution: how it affects us and tips to prevent it

Jul 23 2019
The terms indoor air quality and indoor air pollution seem to come up frequently these days. When we mention the word pollution we immediately think of the outside world, cars, aeroplanes, factories and so on. What does bring pollution into your home? Anything from washing up liquids, deodorants, indoor sprays, candles and many more in-house objects are the key causes of indoor air pollution.

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Film review: The Lion King at the IMAX cinema

Jul 22 2019

Yesterday we went to see The Lion King CGI remake by Jon Favreau and it was just brilliant. It brought back great memories from the Disney’s 1994 animated musical. The film was exactly what I was looking forward to, if not more. Moviegoers should see The Lion King in IMAX to enjoy the full richness of the film’s sound and imagery. Jon Favreau directed the film with the intent of creating the most immersive experience possible. IMAX provides audiences with the biggest screens, greater scope, breathtaking detail, crisp image quality and powerful sound for a truly immersive experience.

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