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Indoor air pollution: how it affects us and tips to prevent it

Jul 23 2019
The terms indoor air quality and indoor air pollution seem to come up frequently these days. When we mention the word pollution we immediately think of the outside world, cars, aeroplanes, factories and so on. What does bring pollution into your home? Anything from washing up liquids, deodorants, indoor sprays, candles and many more in-house objects are the key causes of indoor air pollution.

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Film review: The Lion King at the IMAX cinema

Jul 22 2019

Yesterday we went to see The Lion King CGI remake by Jon Favreau and it was just brilliant. It brought back great memories from the Disney’s 1994 animated musical. The film was exactly what I was looking forward to, if not more. Moviegoers should see The Lion King in IMAX to enjoy the full richness of the film’s sound and imagery. Jon Favreau directed the film with the intent of creating the most immersive experience possible. IMAX provides audiences with the biggest screens, greater scope, breathtaking detail, crisp image quality and powerful sound for a truly immersive experience.

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Lunching and partying at the Ivy Restaurants in London

Apr 18 2019
I always knew about the Ivy living in Central London and I often walked by this glamorous restaurant but for no reason whatsoever I had never been inside for a meal. That is, until recently, when I was invited to two separate business lunch events which swept my away. Read why in my review. 

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A meal with a view and … the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker

Mar 05 2019

Last month Monica and I were invited to a very special event celebrating the UK arrival of the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker with a presentation and a lovely meal at the Chop House overlooking St Paul Cathedral, in Central London.  

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Bread Making Masterclass at Paul Bakery in Covent Garden

Mar 02 2019
Paul Bakery and patisserie is a family run business which started in France and now has shops all around the world. I was invited to a bread making masterclass with a Valentine theme which really appealed to me for a few reasons. Firstly, I always wanted to attend a bread making course but I never got the chance. Secondly, when I was offered the opportunity to attend a masterclass in a renowned bakery, I could not let this opportunity go by as I have to admit that I love Paul’s bread loafs. Therefore having the chance to make my own baguette or olive loaf, was the most tempting venture I could have asked for. 

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