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Everything you need to know about Collagen as a supplement

Jul 14 2021

Have you heard about collagen? To tell you the truth, until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know much about collagen as a suppplement and I was surprised to hear all about it recently during a health conference.

The term collagen comes from the Greek word ‘glue’ and it’s the most ample protein in the body and collagen is the main component for muscles,tendons, skin, bones, hair and ligaments. Unfortunately nowadays it seems that there’s a collagen decline due to people eating high levels of sugar. Also trauma, for example when we break a bone, or being overweight which may bring joint issues – which is a very common factor – and menopause as it may affect bone health.

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The power of essential oils

Jul 01 2021

These past months have been unusual to say the least, including the lack of opportunity to visit health professionals which has led us to look for natural ways to keep us in good shape. Essential oils are now more popular than ever. This blog explores the power of essential oils to heal us from various medical issues. 

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Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe’ Piccadilly

Apr 21 2021

Finally, Spring has arrived and with it the sunshine and lovely days to look ahead and to also finally eat in restaurants. Although we are still not able to dine indoor, across London there are a lot of terraces organise to cater for outdoor dining experiences. The Hard Rock Cafe’ at Piccadilly Circus has laid tables overlooking the Eros statue on one side and the West End on the other side, so that you feel at the centre of the action while eating.

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Why sex drive is on the decline & 10 natural ways to boost libido

Oct 15 2020

Modern diets and lifestyles seem to be common recurring themes when mentioning women of any age, especially nowadays while trying to understand what is happening to living with the pandemic situation. Women nutrition through the ages has seen a big change in which nutrients seem to drop from their diets the essential vitamins and  minerals such as the basic fruit and vegetables intake. It is important to understand what is happening to our bodies, how this can impact libido and what could happen to us if we continue going down this path.

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Five minute chat with Jonny Wilkinson on his new approach to life

Sep 22 2020

Back in March before lockdown and the pandemic outbreak, I attended a health event including different speakers who talked about the connection between muscles and breathing. Jonny Wilkinson, a former English rugby player who played for Newcastle Falcons and Toulon and represented England and the British and Irish Lions was among the experts. He talked about his experience with listening to his body to improve his lifestyle. As a sportsman he suffered from mental illness and depression. He wished he had looked after at both his body and metal wellness when he was younger better, but along the way he has learned some very important steps to improve his mental health which he shared with us.

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