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Top tips for balancing date nights, friend meet ups, and time with kids

Nov 25 2020

We all need balance in our lives. Balance between work and family. Friends and partners. Relaxation and intensity. There’s so much advice out there these days about the work/life balance and being mindful about how we approach it. But what happens if we take work out of that equation? How do we balance just the “life” part? There’s still so much demand for our time. There’s no doubt about it- date nights, friend meet ups, and time with kids can be incredibly nourishing and they should be moments we look forward to rather than something we need to balance. They are the important things. Not just another item on your to do list. And most importantly, these are precisely the moments that allow you to recharge and allow you to remember what balance is about. They add to your days rather than take away from the time that you have. Sometimes a busy lifestyle can make you forget what you like to do because it has been so long since you had time to do it. So how do we reach that balance and make sure we’re giving our time in a thoughtful and intentional way to those around us?

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