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London Mums’ editor Monica Costa debut book & new workshops to help write and self-publish a book

Dec 16 2021

Monica Costa’s debut memoir (in Italian) Noi di Lido Adriano – Storie di Romagna is a book about holiday-making on the Adriatic Coast in Italy between the ’60s and today. 

This book idea and project is the brainchild of our Italian-Londoner editor who wrote and self-published it and enjoyed enormous success with the public and raving reviews in the media both in Italy and in the Italian community in Great Britain. Asked by wannabe authors to provide tutorials on how to get a book done from A to Z, Monica will also launch themed workshops in 2022.

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An Italian Girl in London

Sep 09 2015

Every age has a different perspective of life. I am a teenager, the most difficult age ever.

My name is Alicia and I am Italian, from Bologna. I spent three weeks in London and I loved it!

It is absolutely an amazing city, full of people coming from everywhere, parks, events and incredible buildings. I’ve never been in London before and I’m thankful to London Mums Editor Monica Costa and my parents for this huge opportunity. I found myself in an other world really. My host family has been incredibly kind, my host mummy in particular, but the English way of living is absolutely different from mine.

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Film review: Buttercup Bill

Aug 26 2015

Buttercup Bill is a film that bravely redefines the norms and restrictions of the love story, as the twisted, psychological aesthetic of Remy Bennett and Emilie Richard-Froozan’s piece forces the audience to come face to face with the tainted concept of romance that plagues society today.

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Five minute chat with Pirates in Pyjamas author Caroline Crowe

Jul 17 2015

London Mums magazine editor Monica Costa and I recently went to a Little Tiger Press book presentation and had an interesting chat with author Caroline Crowe who has just published her first picture book Pirates in Pyjamas illustrated by Tom Knight.

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Hyde Park Squirrels become the stars of a new children’s book series – Five minute chat with author Nick Croydon

Jun 30 2015

Everybody in London is familiar with the squirrels who populate all parks. Well, now they are the stars of a new book series for children. The Hyde Park Squirrels are particularly friendly because they are used to being fed by humans passing by. There’s also a project to bring back Red Squirrels to Hyde Park associated with this books.

The Hyde Park Squirrels series written by Nick Croydon and published by Hyde Park Editions delivers four magnificently crafted adventures set against rich and detailed artwork by Petra Brown, which is on occasion, gentle, warm and intimate but with a turn of a page, can lead the reader to dramatic panoramas.

On Thursday June 25th, I went to Hyde Park in the Italian Gardens with a group of London Mums and school children to find out more about it.

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