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Film Review: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (teen viewpoint) – An epic adventure that transcends generations

Jun 22 2023
teenage reporter Alec at Indiana Jones 5 premiere

As a 14-year-old teenage reporter, I recently had the incredible opportunity to watch Indiana Jones 5, and let me tell you, it was an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. Armed with my trusty notepad, I was ready to jot down my thoughts and share them with the world.

First things first, seeing Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role as Indiana Jones was a true treat. It’s remarkable to witness his portrayal of the adventurous archaeologist once again, showcasing his wit, charm, and undeniable charisma. Additionally, the return of other original cast members added a nostalgic touch to the movie, bridging the gap between the previous films and this new installment.

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Film Review: Disney’s Little Mermaid (live action)

May 24 2023
Film Review Disney’s Little Mermaid

I am Alec and I am London Mums Magazine‘s teenage reporter. I checked out Disney’s Little Mermaid press pre-view and here’s my review. Overall, it’s fair to say that The Little Mermaid is a fantastic live-action adaptation of the original Walt Disney 1989 animated film. 

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London with Teens: ‘Relaxed Performance’ of Mamma Mia! the musical at Novello Theatre

Mar 14 2023

I was intrigued when I was invited to my first ever ‘relaxed’ theatre experience of Mamma Mia! the musical at Novello Theatre. A ‘relaxed performance‘ entails everything required to transform the theatre into a friendly atmosphere for people with autism, learning disabilities, sensory and communication needs or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. All while maintaining the joyful magic of this musical.

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London with Teens: Disney On Ice at OVO Wembley Arena

Mar 11 2023
Disney On Ice show at Wembley

Exciting. Engaging. Extravagant. Disney On Ice at Wembley Arena is a must-see! I was unsure at first if two teenagers and their mother would enjoy a show like this, but before we knew it, we were introduced to all our favourite Disney characters on ice skates. The show really surprised me with the way the skaters traversed around the ice rink through the use of flips and lifts to bring the fantastical stories from the past 100 years to life as it toured the UK. However, the show is not just limited to ice skating, it also includes other acts like acrobats, stilts and a fly system.

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Show review: Cirque Berserk at Riverside Studios

Feb 10 2023
Cirque Berserk Globe of Death

‘Cirque Berserk – beautiful and extraordinary acts from around the world.’  These were the words of my mother as she left Riverside Studios and after watching this magnificent performance. Presented by Zippos, Cirque Berserk is a must-see, combining classic circus acts with daring stunt action, including over thirty fearless acrobats, aerialists and daredevil stuntmen.

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