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Should You Get A Boiler For Your Home

Jul 26 2019

The boiler is a popular heating system that many people have installed in their homes. It warms your home by boiling the water and distributing the steam all around your house through the radiator. The steam of boiling water travels through the pipes and reach the radiator from where it is dispersed in your home resulting in a much warmer environment. When the winter season arrives, you want to stay indoors to stay warm. With the colder season just around the corner, people get their heating systems repaired and some consider installing new ones. If you are also thinking to install central heating boilers in your home then here is why you should definitely get this done.

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The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Mover

Jul 25 2019

Moving home sounds a fun thing to do at first, however when you actually do it, you realise that it is a very energy-draining and a tiring task that not only uses up your physical energy but also requires a lot of critical thinking and planning. People have different ways to react to this tiresomeness, few of them choose a professional man with a van service to move their house so that they don’t have to deal with this moving stress. While others are not comfortable trusting a third party for this job. Below are a few pros and cons of hiring a mover.

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Jul 24 2019

HORRIBLE HISTORIES: THE MOVIE – ROTTEN ROMANS is out this week and London Mums sent 12 year old talented child reporter Maya to the premiere to meet the stars and check the movie out before it hits cinemas on 26 July. 

Led by rising stars Sebastian Croft (GAME OF THRONES) as Roman teenager Atti and Emilia Jones (PATRICK) as his Celtic rival Orla, HORRIBLE HISTORIES: THE MOVIE – ROTTEN ROMANS features an all-star cast including Nick Frost (FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY) as Orla’s father Arghus, Craig Roberts (SUBMARINE) as Emperor Nero and Kim Cattrall (SEX AND THE CITY) as Nero’s mother Agrippina.  Additional cast include BRIT Award-winning artist Kate Nash (GLOW) as Boudicca, Rupert Graves (SHERLOCK) as Governor General Paulinus, Alex Macqueen (THE INBETWEENERS) as Nero’s assistant Sycophantus and Sir Derek Jacobi reprises his iconic role as Claudius.

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Tips on how to reduce allergens in your Home

Jul 23 2019

After attending a conference on indoor air pollution last week, I talked to one of our London Mums’ experts, mumpreneur Marianne, Founder and Director of AllerGuard UK. She sent me her views on this important subject matter.

“Air pollution is a big topic these days. Data from the London Atmospheric Emission Inventory shows that just in London, 2 million people are living with toxic air, including 400,000 children! The good news is that these levels are falling, and a lot is being done to reduce those levels. There are great initiatives such as ‘Clean Air Day’ which has been set up for people to find out more about how to reduce air pollution, and to help make air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

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Struggling To Get Fit? These Foods Could Help

Jul 22 2019

When you think about getting fit, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? If you’re like most people, it’s long sessions on the treadmill wishing you were doing anything else. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to spend hours running on the spot to get to your desired fitness levels: you could eat your way there. 

Food has a profound effect on our bodies. It’s not just a matter of eating well and not laying down fat. Chemicals in food interact with our tissues, making them stronger and more efficient. It seems like magic, but it’s not: it’s all based on real science.

Take a look at the following foods. They could take your fitness to the next level. 

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