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7 ways to introduce education into your child’s bedroom

Jan 10 2020

When it comes down to giving our children a loving and wholesome upbringing, one of the most important factors is their education. We want to provide our children with the opportunities we may never have had and in many cases, try to save them from the mistakes we made whilst growing up. Whether that means growing up in a situation with very few opportunities, not choosing to continue with further education or even going down a career path that wasn’t meant to be.

All these problems often stem down to education and as a parent, there is only so much input we can give. After all, many of us have children that are schooled outside of the home. It’s a sad reality, but our children’s teachers spend more hours in the day with our children than we do.

With that in mind, the bigger impact we have on our children after school hours and often, within the home, is crucial. Installing an educational wallpaper, globe or bookshelf in your child’s bedroom won’t only educate them in a fun way, but will invigorate and inspire them to learn every day. Read on to find out 7 ways to introduce education into your child’s bedroom.

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Parents spend four days every year getting kids into the car

Jan 07 2020

As parents, we can certainly relate to the daily struggle of getting kids into the car. According to new research from SEAT, it costs families 96 hours a year getting children ready, out of the house and into the car twice a day. 

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What to if you are ever stopped by police on the street

Jan 06 2020

Being stopped by police on the street can be a scary experience, even if you know that you are not guilty of any crime. It is unlikely that you will get stopped, but it is helpful if you know what to do and what your rights are in this situation so that you know how to react if you or one of your kids ever gets stopped. Additionally, it is important to remember that the police are there to keep you and everyone else safe at all times, so co-operation is important. Read on to find out what to do if you are ever stopped by the police.

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Travel with kids: Efteling Theme Park – The Netherlands’ World of Wonders

Jan 04 2020
Efteling, a fairytale theme park located in The Netherlands, is a wonderful destination for a short family break from the UK with its storybook atmosphere, natural surroundings and enchanting attractions, thrilling rides and shows. I recently visited it with my 13-year old son Diego during a promotional press trip to mark the opening of a new attraction called Fabula, a lovely 4D movie produced in collaboration with Aardman Animations. Although not made of plasticine, Fabula has lots of Aardman DNA in terms of relatable and very memorable characters. The 4D special effects make it a very immersive experience suitable for audiences of all ages.

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10 wardrobe essentials for under twos

Jan 02 2020

Do your children have a better wardrobe than yours? No doubt where you once browsed the shops and couldn’t resist new clothing for yourself, you’ll now regularly spot cute outfits that you simply need to buy for your little one. That’s on top of all the clothing friends and family likely pick up for them too. 

You don’t want to get too carried away though because they’ll have outgrown their wardrobe before you know it. But, you do need to make sure you have the essentials. In the same way you couldn’t forgo nappies, there are a few items of baby clothing that they simply need to have.

So, here are the wardrobe essentials for under twos:

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