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What to do when you’re stuck at home over winter

Once Christmas and New Year have concluded, Winter can be a bit rubbish. You can’t go outside without layering up and no matter how many layers you seem to put on, you’re still freezing and you end up with an awful cold. But then if you can’t go out due to travel disruptions or because you’re too ill from the cold, you’re equally as frustrated. So what can you do to ease your woes while you’re stuck at home over the winter?

1. Video-gaming: Video games are not for me but I have asked some friends who seem really keen gamers and here is what they have told me. MMOs are excellent for keep yourself occupied and you’ll definitely become hooked. Massively multiplayer online games are all the rage nowadays and you’ve more than likely heard of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars etc, there’s a reason they’re so popular so get on board! Role playing games (RPGs) are always a great shout. These involve players taking on the of characters in a fictional setting and allow you to immerse yourself in a completely different world, so much so that you’ll even forget that you’re stuck inside. Skyrim and Fallout 4 are definitely two to sink your teeth into!
2. Treat yourself and do some online shopping, though try not to do too much damage to your bank account! There are plenty of sales around all over the net. January is also a great time to look into thrift and charity shops due to everyone throwing out all their old stuff. There are bargains to be had.

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4. Try learning something else new to do.

Whether it be painting, knitting, sewing, chess, the possibilities are endless and it will definitely pass time.

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5. If you’re stuck inside for than than a day, take some time to redecorate your house. If you’ve got some spare tins of paints kicking about then give your room a lick of paint, you may be stuck staring at the same four walls but at least they’ll be a different colour. Check London Mums’ Get Creative section for inspiration. creative painted hands


6. If redecorating is not possible then try some feng shui and rearrange the furniture, not only will the room look completely different but your surroundings are said to make you feel more positive. So, you may not feel as bad about being stuck indoors!


7. Log on to your computer and give it a complete declutter. Organize your files, delete everything you no longer need and backup the folders that you do.

Read London Mums’ guide to detoxing your life & manifesting your dreams.

8. Finally get round to starting that new series you’ve always wanted to watch. Since you’re stuck inside all day, you can have an episode marathon, or better still, a movie marathon. Check London Mums’ movie section for recommendations. Or watch some of our own videos covering entertainment, attractions, vlogs, film reviews and celebrity interviews.


9. Learn a complete new recipe, whether it’s a healthy dish or a delicious cake. Your family will be thankful for this one and you may even have a new favourite dish on your hands. Check London Mums’ recipe section for ideas and inspiration.

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10. Throw it back to the old times and get out the family photo albums or keepsakes and reminisce. This will pass the time and the memories will come flooding back and will more than likely put you in a good mood.




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