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Top ways to make your garden stand out

Having a pretty garden is the goal for many homeowners, and as summer approaches they are now thinking more about how they can elevate their garden than just create one from scratch. If you already have an established garden space with a patio or deck, a pond or vegetable garden, even plans to build a shed, then there is a very good chance that you’ll be doing everything you can to make your garden stand out from the rest of your friends so that everybody will want to be entertained by you this year. 

Having a good shed base to elevate your shed, having a good base for a fire pit so that you can protect your grass, and having space for a gazebo to be staked into the ground are all great ways to make sure that your garden looks fantastic. But what else could you be doing in preparation for the summer season? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can make your garden stand out below.


  • Choose native plants. One of the nicest ways to make your garden more luxurious and tropical is to choose indigenous plants that are unique to the area in which you live. Native plants can help you to do this, so if you want to make sure that you are using quality materials in your garden or you’re planting the right things, take a look at this guide for plants per country. Most native plants don’t require too much care and they can be very hardy against the climate. They also can add a much more unique look to your green space and attract local wildlife.


  • Put down the paint. It’s nice to give your fence a lick of paint, but bare brick walls and bare wooden fences are a really great way to make your garden stand out. If you consider that everybody likes to paint their garden walls or their fences, your garden will be the one that stands out differently. When you include bare walls and fences across your design, you then have a blank canvas and you can showcase other things in your garden such as climbing walls of Ivy or flowers.


  • Add a splash of variety. There is no use in having a boring looking garden even if it does look uniform. Don’t just choose one type of flower or one type of colour. Think about adding bulbs and succulents, annuals and perennials and you could even plant different kinds of shapes of shrubs and trees. Mix it up with trees that will shed their leaves as well as trees that will remain Evergreen. If you include something not just for the summer, but for every season, there will always be something new and beautiful to see as the year moves on.


  • Add some luxury touches. From an outdoor cinema space to an outdoor pool, you can make your green space stand out with a luxury touch. This makes it look and feel amazing, and it gives you a proper entertainment space. You could even put up some lighting to illuminate the walkways, and create beautiful effects to make your garden far more inviting.

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