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Top Ideas for your next Girls’ Night in

Staying in is the new going out. We have all been out and experienced a good time, but sometimes it’s boring and you spend too much.

At home, you do not have to worry that:

  • Someone boring will start talking to you
  • The round you bought will push you into an overdraft
  • The shoes you’re wearing will pinch or give you blisters.

When you are at home, or in a good friend’s house, it’s much easier to relax. You can bring your favourite tipple (without the bar’s profit margin) and let loose with the people you love most.

You probably don’t get much opportunity to bond with your friend’s anymore, particularly if any of you have partners or children.

Now, with prices rising, it simply makes sense to bring the party to each other’s homes!

You aren’t limited either – in fact some would say you have more choice:

  • Play your own music
  • Mix up your own cocktails, at a fraction of the price
  • No closing time
  • Play games without strangers falling over you.

And you can dress up or down, whatever you feel like. Pretty much anything goes when you’re with the girls!


What to do on a girls night in?

You may originally feel stumped for creativity if you’re hosting but there are many activities to choose from.

You can clothes swap, organise a garage sale together and count your profits, or play a fun game. The possibilities really are many and varied.

We’ve chosen 4 of the best girl’s night ideas to make planning yours easier.


Cocktail making

If you girls like to (or used to) gather for cocktails, then why not try your hand at making a few? You can try an online mixology class, or everyone can choose their favourite and bring the recipe.

Make a kitty so you can all pitch in to buy ingredients and print out the instructions ahead of time. Most of you will have a strainer, shaker etc. at home, so hopefully no need to buy anything new.

Here’s some fun and easy cocktails to try:

  1. Strawberry Green Tea Mojito – there’s a skinny version for anyone counting calories
  2. Rock Candy Martini – it’s blue with candy in it, the perfect girl’s night drink
  3. Fluffy Duck – this is an oldie but a goodie, with Advocaat and gin
  4. Negroni – feeling Italian? Mix this sophisticated drink with some sweet vermouth
  5. The Painkiller – we all need this in our lives, and it’s sweet
  6. Adult Hot Chocolate – for a winter’s night

Perhaps you’d like to get dressed up for the occasion? Party dresses, but heels are optional.



If you’re struggling to agree on a game for your girl’s night, why not choose bingo? It’s easy to set up and even if someone hasn’t played before, the rules aren’t complicated.

When it starts, there’s time to chat, but then the pressure mounts as you wait for that next number!

The easiest way to organise the evening is to select a popular online bingo provider, you may want to select one with the best promotions for new players. Everyone is recommended to have a handheld device, either a mobile phone or tablet. That way you and your friends can all head onto the same bingo site and into the same online bingo room and play against each other.

Of course, playing against others will make it more exciting! The thrill when any one of you wins will probably encourage some shrieking from your friends!

Also, when you’re playing online, you can play for cash prizes.

Alternatively, you can order ticket packs online and make some at home. Then people will need to take it in turns to be the caller.

You’ll also have to decide what the winner gets. Do you all pitch in small prizes?

As well as simply being a fun and easy party game, bingo actually has several positive benefits.


Swap party

We all have things we don’t need or want anymore, but they usually have some life left in them. A swap party can be a really practical way to get a whole host of new things without spending money.

If you have children, you can swap out old toys and clothes. Imagine being the mum that comes home with a present for them?

Of course, the fun part is when you pick new items for yourself, think:

  • Gym gear
  • Occasion wear
  • Shoes (your friend probably has a pair you have eyed up before)
  • Books

Nothing is out of bounds here – you can swap cooking implements, cushions, curtains and gardening tools. You’ll be surprised who needs different things, that they may not have thought about.

Anything that doesn’t get swapped can be organised for charity. It’s much easier when there is a group of you doing it.


Spa Night

Practically every woman loves a spa day, but there isn’t always time or money to treat ourselves. That’s why a spa night is great for when the girls are coming over and the perfect time for a makeover!

Bathrobes or onesies are the dress code for an evening like this. Then you can take it in turns to beautify each other.

First, set the mood by lighting some fragranced candles. Or, add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser to bring that spa scent into your home.

Heavenly scents include:

  • Eucalyptus – to soothe and make you feel refreshed
  • Lavender – to relax
  • Rosemary and peppermint – to clear the mind.

For a DIY face mask, mix avocado, honey and one tablespoon of cocoa powder to make a hydrating mask. While you all chill with your face masks on, catch up on the latest news in each other’s lives.

Girl’s Night is a perfect opportunity to unwind and have a few laughs. These ideas are sure to give the evening a focus and create some great memories.

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