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Top 10 Things to do this Summer with Kids Who Love Water

We don’t care what Kylie Minogue might say: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ isn’t Christmas; it’s the summer. It might not last very long, but when the Great British Summer gets into full swing, there’s no beating it. BBQs, festivals, burnt noses, and Wimbledon on the telly… But nothing gets us more excited for the sizzling-hot season than the chance to cool off by leaping into a nice bit of water.

Top 10 Things to do this summer with Kids Who Love Water SWIMMING POOL

For Kids (and big kids) that love water, the season boasts a deluge of wonderful possibilities – from dipping their toes in a fountain to pelting one another with water balloons. The refreshing pool of blue sings its siren’s call and you can’t help but answer. To celebrate the return of summer, we’ve put together our list of the Top 10 activities for young water lovers over the coming months.

And when your kids have dried off, they can still get their fill of H20 hijinks as hit show Sydney Sailboat floats into the Tiny Pop (Freeview 126, Sky 617, Virgin 737, and Freesat 605) harbour. The show boarded the channel for its UK Premiere on Monday 20th June, and plays Weekdays at 4pm. Fans can sail off to a world of adventure as Sydney The Sailboat and best mate Zip the Water Taxi roam the wild waves of Bubble Bath Bay – the perfect programme to make a big splash this summer.
Find your local lido

Cast your mind back to your early days swimming and you might just have terrifying flashbacks of grimy changing rooms, a chlorine smell so putrid you can almost touch it, and the constant danger of catching a verruca. But the times are a-changing. Try an outdoor lido for your watery-frolics instead. The country has a number of truly beautiful art-deco efforts – the perfect place to stay cool during the annual meltdown.

Master a new stroke

Take some inspiration from the upcoming Olympic Games, and try and mimic the world’s best. This is the perfect time to perfect your child’s butterfly stroke – transforming them from thrashing mess to streamlined arm-wheeling aqua-God. You might just have a little Rebecca Adlington or Michael Phelps on your hands.

Upgrade your poolside accessories

Top 10 Things to do this summer with Kids Who Love Water SWIMMING POOL PIZZA

It’s no longer enough to just have a jazzy towel and a trashy novel beside you on the beach. This summer is the time to upgrade your poolside game and take your lounging into a new stratosphere. For those who really want to make a statement: invest in this giant pizza slice float… The kids will be passed out on the pepperoni for hours.

Start a waterfight

Simple pleasures are usually the best kind. Bring some mayhem to your back garden over the coming months by starting a giant waterfight. A bucket of freezing water over the head of mum or dad should do the trick… Soon enough you’ll be in the midst of a watery World War 3 with balloons cascading down from all directions and super soakers pumping like no tomorrow.

The Sprinkler Challenge

Here’s a fun game: Set your sprinklers up throughout the garden and set the kids the challenge of making it from one end to the other without getting wet. They’ll need the agility of Mission Impossible-era Tom Cruise to run the watery gauntlet without a drop touching them! Experts can try it blindfolded for bonus points!

Water Balloon mayhem

Top 10 Things to do this summer with Kids Who Love Water WATER BALLOONS

We’ve all played pass the parcel at birthday parties, but this version gives it a little twist that is perfect for water lovers! Play some music (Anything by Wet Wet Wet would be the obvious choice…) and get the kids to pass a water balloon around a circle. When the song stops, the person holding it has to burst it all over themselves. Last person standing wins!

Don’t touch the ground!

Jump rope with a difference! Get your hose and fire it at your kids’ feet – they’ll have to be at their most energetic to bounce and leap away from the water. How long can they last before their feet get a soaking? It’s only fair that you let them turn the tables and take control of the hose too though. You’ll soon see it’s not as easy as it looks!

Water the garden

A more sedate option for those late afternoon hours when you need a little peace and quiet (and could use a couple of extra hands around the garden…). Fill up a watering can and send the kids off to do their best Alan Titchmarsh impressions. It offers them an opportunity to get closer to nature, come face-to-face with the creepy crawlies that lurk in the mud, and to cultivate their little greenfingers.

Watch Swallows and Amazons

Swallows And Amazons film_03082015-RV_0885

Philippa Lowthorpe’s big screen adaptation of the Arthur Ransome classic is coming to cinemas this summer.

Swallows And Amazons film_Teaser_AW_resized

Let the kids dry off for a couple of hours and watch the Walker children do battle with their fearsome Amazon foes amidst the glorious backdrop of the Lake District. Featuring exhilarating dinghy dueling and much daring do; you’ll be booking your trip up to Coniston the minute you get back home.

Take them sailing

Top 10 Things to do this summer with Kids Who Love Water KIDS IN BOAT

One for the older ones perhaps! But what better way to top up your tan and experience a real sense of adventure than by taking your young ‘uns out on the high seas for their first ever sailing experience? Bonus points for bringing along a wig and eye-patch and letting them dream their mum or dad is a pirate as you take control of the vessel!

Top 10 Things to do this summer with Kids Who Love Water Sydney Sailboat still (1)

Sydney Sailboat premiered on Tiny Pop (Freeview 126, Sky 617, Virgin 737, and Freesat 605) on Monday 20th June 2016, tune in: Weekdays at 7am and 4pm throughout the Summer.

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