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The Marvel Team challenge at Disney Store reviewed by London Mums Kids Club

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s heroic movie Captain America: Civil War, Disney Store is hosting a series of FREE exciting in store activities called The Marvel Team challenge for kids aged three and up from this weekend. The London Mums Kids Club was invited to review the challenge and the products ahead of the UK release of the movie on 29th April. Check out how we got on with it.

Marvel Team Challenge rewards teams

Both children and mums totally loved the challenge at the Oxford Street flagship Disney Store – kids even said that they loved it more than Kidzania. If the little ones  or parents are Marvel / Avengers fans they will really enjoy this and if they aren’t they will be transported into a new superheroes’ world that will surprise them for the best. You can tell from these images that I really enjoyed myself – maybe even more than the kids (if that’s possible at all). London Mums kids club Marvel challenge disney

First of all, to help you with the challenge check my review of the movie here or watch my vlog to see my first reactions after a special screening at the Empire Leicester Square.

The fun-filled activity will take place in Disney Stores across the UK and Ireland, kicking off Sunday 24th April 2016 and running every Saturday and Sunday from 3-3:30PM until Saturday 4th June. The challenge will also run every day throughout May half-term (28th May – 4th June).

This is how The Marvel Team Challenge works:

Guests will need to pick their teams at Disney Store and will get the chance to either support Captain America on his quest to remain independent to defend humanity, or Iron Man, who wants to support the government in their mission to protect the people.

Marvel Team Challenge monica iron man

It’s tough to pick a side: Team Captain America versus Team Iron Man are both amazing and to make up our minds we tried all the various accessories to the Avengers’ costumes. The Iron Man interactive hands and Captain American shield and helmet were some of my favourite ones. 

Marvel Team Challenge monica captain america

Marvel Team Challenge diego captain america disney store

Then they will be taken on a quest to complete four team-building tasks including an Avenger training session where they will learn the Avenger’s signature battle moves, a quiz to test their Avenger knowledge, a communication task to pass on a top secret code in order to win puzzle pieces.

Marvel Team Challenge diego

To finish, teams will need to use the puzzle pieces collected to build their completed puzzle in the fastest time.

Marvel Team Challenge puzzle completed

This fun, free event will focus on team building and proving that working together will always deliver the best results in the fight against evil!

Marvel Team Challenge products 2

While at the Disney Store we had the chance to test the fantastic new range of Captain America: Civil War products based on the main super heroes including Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow which can be purchased in Disney Stores across the UK and Ireland, and online at

Marvel Team Challenge products

These are our favourite ones:

Deluxe Figurine Playset, Captain America: Civil War
RRP £22.95*
We used these 10cm tall figures to identify our teams during the challenge. They are absolutely brilliant for role play type of games to re-enact the most epic battles from the Avengers’ movies particularly Captain America: Civil War as it includes most characters (with the exception of Spiderman).

marvel Deluxe Figurine Playset


Captain America Talking Action Figure
RRP £22.95*

Captain America Talking Action Figure
Since it came home with us, this superb 40cm figure of Captain America hasn’t stopped talking… It doesn’t just have a brilliant costume design, his signature shield but he can also can twist and ecite over 15 phrases at the push of a button! He feels almost real.

Hawkeye Bow and Arrow Set

RRP £25.95
This kit is brilliant not just for outdoor fun. In fact it is almost as good indoor. We have been shooting arrows onto our home windows every day and the glass is still clean (and of course not broken since the arrows are made of plastic). Aspiring Avengers can unleash their inner Hawkeye with this set which apparently is the best selling product at Disney Store. It contains a collapsible bow that extends at the press of a button, a quiver that can be worn two ways and six arrows with suction cups.


Hawkeye Bow and Arrow Set

the marvel challenge products disney store 3

Disney Store Captain America Civil War


For background information on the new Marvel characters, visit our movies section and read my review:

Film Review: Captain America – Civil War

Well I am a big fan of all superheroes’ movies and have enjoyed posing as one of them in these pictures. 

pick a side marvel monica

monica film captain america

Before leaving the Disney Store we could not resist taking a picture with a Stormtrooper in our Star Wars matching tops!

Marvel Team Challenge star wars disney store kids club london mums magazine

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