London is probably the best city in the world in terms of activities for families and children including lots of free activities and events. We list here lots of initiatives that we believe London Mums and their children from babies to teenagers would enjoy especially at the most entertaining places such as the Science Museum, The V&A, Kew Gardens, Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Greenwich, West End shows, the London Eye, the London Aquarium, Kingston upon Thames, Chelsea, SouthBank and so much more.

Mums Day Out: 11 Relaxing things to do in London, minus the kids

Married life is awesome, but sometimes Mums need some time to look after themselves and enjoy some alone time without necessarily being alone. It’s important for busy Mums to get out there and try some activities that you have had your eye on for ages, but keep putting off due to family commitments. Now is the time to seize the day, make some time for yourself and kick back and relax, guilt-free.

women laughing while on a mums day out trying cheese

Whether you want to enjoy a slap-up meal at a great steak restaurant in London, get your nails done, sample some cocktails, treat yourself to afternoon tea or simply check out the sights of the city, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to ways to spoil yourself in this fabulous city! With so much to see and do, often the biggest problems Mums have with trying to organise a fun, relaxing day out without the kids, is to choose just what to do. 

Below, we explore a number of different things that you should consider for your next Mum’s day out that you can enjoy without the kids.

London Eye Wheel

monica costa relaxing on a couch during a mums day out on the london eye

LONDON MUMS EDITOR Monica Costa relaxing on a couch on the London Eye

Many locals still haven’t taken a ride on the world-famous London Eye for various reasons. In fact, many parents often think that their kids are too young to appreciate the experience, and they don’t want to ruin it for others since they tend to be fidgety and grumpy if confined to small spaces. Now that you’re out without the kids having a “you day”, why not take this opportunity to go for a spin and take in the sights of the city on this well-known big wheel?


Magic Mike Live Show 

Conceived and directed by Channing Tatum, MAGIC MIKE LIVE is an unforgettably fun night of sizzling, 360-degree entertainment based on the hit movies. It’s hot, hilarious and the great time you’ve been waiting for!

Channing Tatum dancing with a female performer in Magic Mike's Last Dance movie

Image credit: Warner Bros

This first-class experience features some of the world’s sexiest, most talented guys performing heart-racing dance routines in front of, above and all around you. Equal parts empowering and exhilarating, the 90-minute show is punctuated by unexpected, temperature-raising acts from a thrilling range of acrobatic and musical talent. In other words, it’s got basically everything.


Manicures and Cocktails

The most stereotypical girls’ day out always includes manicures, and cocktails. And for good reason! London Grace offers five salons around town where you can treat yourself to a beautiful manicure whilst sipping on delicious cocktails. This is the ultimate down day for busy mothers and a fantastic way to switch off and selfishly enjoy a little bit of time just for you.


Chocolate Tasting

If decadent chocolate is your vice, then why not corrupt your bestie by taking her to a class at Hotel Chocolat? You can learn what goes into making artisan candies and even take home samples to the family if you don’t eat them all on the way first of course. 


Afternoon Tea

There are so many options for afternoon tea in London that it may take you several days to sort out which one is your favourite.  But that’s half the fun, isn’t it? From bus tours to upscale hotels and everything in between, you can be sure that you will find the perfect afternoon tea offering to suit your taste and budget.   


Perfume Classes

Learn all about the art and science of what goes into making perfume with a special class. Experts teach you how they approach creating new fragrances, and you’ll even get a chance to make your own signature smells. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a new career in fragrance after attending. You’ll have fun, be able to relax and you’ll smell great too. 


Cheese Sampling

At The Cheese Bar, you will have an opportunity to learn all about the huge range of British cheeses made right here in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and some of the more remote islands offshore. Here you’ll sit with friends while you witness a variety of cheeses sourced from all over the UK, offered up to you via a conveyor belt system running around the central bar. You can also enjoy craft beers and perfectly matched wines to complete the experience. 


Yoga, With Dogs

If you enjoy Yoga and you also own a dog or two, why not combine both interests and bring your dog to Doga? Did you know the health benefits of Yoga are the same for humans as they are for dogs? After a class, both you and your furry friend can look forward to decreased stress levels, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, better digestion, decreased anxiety and more. Dog yoga is the ultimate way to relax with your four-legged friends while getting that all-important downtime for yourself too. 


Have The Most Perfect, Relaxing Day You Ever Thought Possible In London

Being a Mum is a lot of hard work. In fact, the work never stops and it can often be easy to start feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Nowadays, there is more of a spotlight on mental health than there ever has been in the past and it’s important that you take the time to look after yourself. Whether you go it alone or get some friends together, make sure that you set some time aside for you to relax and unwind. The list above is a great place to begin but make sure to dig a little deeper to find the perfect activity for your next Mum’s Day Out. 

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