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‘Isolation Lifeline’ for parents: Popular baby and toddler groups deliver classes live online

Social interaction is vital for the wellbeing of parents with young babies and toddlers who are at risk of ‘loneliness’ following strict social distancing rules.

Multi-award winning, baby and toddler group franchise, WOW World Group, which operates nationwide classes including Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors, Reading Fairy and Keepabeat, has announced it is delivering all of its sessions live online across all regions, as part of a huge motivational drive to boost interaction and wellbeing for parents with babies and younger children who are facing disconnection from vital ‘lifeline’ parent networks in light of coronavirus. 

Before the recent crackdown on public gatherings, more than 35,000 babies were attending Baby Sensory classes with their parents every week across the UK alone. The fun-fuelled, energetic classes, which started streaming via live video link this week, have since given hope and joy to many thousands of parents across the UK who rely on this all-important social interaction but are currently unable to take their babies and young children out of the house.  

This comes in line with current advice from the UK Government around what could be a considerable period of prolonged ‘social distancing’ for new parents who rely heavily on their support networks and regular interaction at baby groups to boost their mental wellbeing and help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Thousands of living rooms across the UK were transformed last week into uplifting sensory wonderlands as Baby Sensory opened its first @home classes with a lively St Patrick’s Day session, complete with an abundance of props from clover, streamers, shakers and bubbles to confetti, a special leprechaun puppet show and lots of Irish sing-a-longs and dancing. Smiling babies and parents could be seen on the screens engaging with the activities and music safely in the comfort of their homes.

As parents ‘virtually’ welcomed other parents and families into their living rooms at home, they joined in with activities together and chatted to each other during the rest breaks. Recent school closures also encouraged many older siblings to get in on the action too, as families embraced the opportunity to let their hair down and have an hour of high spirited playtime fun.

Child development expert and original Founder of Baby Sensory, Dr Lin Day explained: “Parents really value having that hour to switch off and spend quality, stimulating time with their children and also socialising with like-minded people.  Having that support network becomes even more important right now as we battle to stay safe and keep our positivity and spirits high. We must remember that new parents are particularly vulnerable and susceptible to feelings of isolation and loneliness so anything we can do to stay connected with others really makes a difference to the mental health of so many.”

Conditions such as postnatal depression are often exacerbated by feelings of sadness, low mood, lack of enjoyment, loss of interest in the wider world and withdrawing from contact with other people. Although, the issues are much deeper, it is hoped that by bringing baby and toddler groups into people’s homes regularly, even if virtually, will go some way to lifting those who need that support and ensuring parents can maintain that network that is such a lifeline for many right now.

Dr Day added: “It was wonderful to see so many households laughing and interacting with each other. We are really looking forward to bringing our moodenhancing range of classes to the nation this springand to reminding everyone how important it is to keep talking and sharing those precious moments.”

In addition to the @home classes parents will also be able to watch a number of exclusive, informative video’s produced by WOW programme members.  The company also plans to give parents further opportunities to join other WOW programmes some of which will entertain and educate older siblings during the home schooling period.

Find out more about @home classes here: 

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Parents wishing to sign up to @home classes, should visit:, select ‘Find a Class’ to locate programmes. The price of @home sessions varies according to the programme and region but prices are typically anything from £4 to £7 per class.

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