Twenty-four hours without flicking a switch. Going without electricity might not seem like a challenge but it is surprisingly difficult and makes you realise how much we take electrical devices for granted. The idea is to not turn on anything electrical for 24 hours – that’s from the moment you wake up until the moment that you go to bed! This project was extracted from 100 Family Adventures by the Meek family, published by Frances Lincoln (£14.99).

100 family adventures no electricity girl reading at candlelight

Modern western life relies upon electricity and as people become accustomed to using electrical devices in their everyday lives, they become reliant and dependant upon such items; particularly lighting. A power cut or short period without electricity provides a short shock, but choosing to do without electricity for a day questions how much we need and use.

So, from the moment your eyes open in the morning you need to avoid turning any lights on. That means no light when brushing your teeth, or when eating your breakfast. As night falls, the house will take on a completely different atmosphere since candles and torches will become the main light source. Add a splash of colour with glow sticks; these will last all night and provide a colourful glow to the room.


Equipment needed

  • Candles and matches
  • Torches
  • Glow sticks


Keeping Safe

  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Supervise young children near flames.
  • Show children how to safely extinguish a candle.


amy says…


KEEPER OF THE KEYS – This game is really simple to play. All you need is a chair, a set of keys and a scarf or anything that can be used as a blindfold (not that you’ll need one if you’re playing it in the dark!). One person has to sit on the chair with the keys underneath. A person needs to be picked to go and carefully get the keys from under the chair and get back to their place before the person on the chair (‘the keeper of the keys’) hears them and points at the person. If the stealer does get caught (pointed at), then the keys are returned and someone else has a go.


Did you know?

  • Some glow sticks can last for over 10 hours!
  • Candles were the only forms of light in olden times, as well as fires.
  • An average child aged 5 to ten years old needs 10-11 hours sleep!


ella’s joke

Why did the gardener plant a light bulb in his garden?


Because he wanted to grow a power plant.

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