London’s Family-Friendly Parks

London is a city bursting with history, culture, and endless attractions. For families wanting to embrace the great outdoors, London’s royal parks offer the perfect escape from city life. These parks are not only beautiful but also packed with activities to keep children and teenagers entertained year-round. Here’s a guide to some of London’s most family-friendly royal parks and the exciting things you can do there in every season.

Monica playing the guitar in richmond park

I’m playing the guitar in Richmond Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, one of London’s most iconic parks, is a favourite for families. In summer, the Serpentine Lake is a hub of activity with swimming, boating, and pedalos. The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is a must-visit for younger children, inspired by Peter Pan with its pirate ship and sensory trails. As winter sets in, Hyde Park transforms into a magical Winter Wonderland, featuring an ice-skating rink, festive market, and thrilling rides.

Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan statue, Kensington Gardens, London

Peter Pan statue, Kensington Gardens, London

Kensington Gardens, nestled adjacent to Hyde Park, provides a serene and picturesque escape for families amidst the hustle and bustle of London. Here’s a deeper look at what makes this royal park a delightful destination for families throughout the year:

Peter Pan Statue: One of the most beloved features of Kensington Gardens is the whimsical Peter Pan statue. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the park, this statue pays homage to J.M. Barrie’s timeless character and invites children to embark on their own adventures in Neverland. It’s a must-visit spot for families looking to spark their imagination and capture memorable photos.

Diana Memorial Playground: The Diana Memorial Playground is a highlight for children, offering a safe and imaginative play space inspired by the adventures of Peter Pan. Designed with input from local school children, the playground features a large wooden pirate ship surrounded by sand pits, swings, and climbing frames. It’s a haven for young adventurers to explore, climb, and let their imaginations run wild.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain: In the summer months, families can cool off at the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. This circular water feature allows children to paddle and splash around in shallow waters, offering a refreshing break from exploring the gardens and playground. The serene setting of the fountain makes it a tranquil spot for families to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Serpentine Gallery: Art-loving families will appreciate the Serpentine Gallery, located within Kensington Gardens. This contemporary art space often hosts exhibitions and installations that appeal to all ages. Families can explore the gallery together and participate in free, family-friendly activities and workshops offered throughout the year, providing an enriching cultural experience amidst the natural beauty of the park.

Seasonal Delights: As the seasons change, Kensington Gardens offers unique attractions that appeal to families. In winter, the gardens transform into a magical wonderland with a charming Christmas market and an inviting ice rink. Families can sip hot chocolate, browse festive stalls for handmade gifts, and enjoy skating under the twinkling lights, creating cherished memories against the backdrop of historic Kensington Palace.

Tranquil Escape: Throughout the year, Kensington Gardens provides ample green spaces and peaceful pathways for families to unwind and reconnect with nature. Whether enjoying a leisurely walk, a picnic on the grassy lawns, or simply soaking in the beauty of the gardens, the park offers a tranquil retreat amidst London’s vibrant urban landscape.


Richmond Park

Richmond Park

I caught this beautiful young deer during one of my walks in Richmond Park

Richmond Park, the largest of the royal parks, spans over 2,500 acres and is a haven for wildlife. Children and teens will delight in spotting the park’s famous deer. The Isabella Plantation, a beautiful woodland garden, is stunning in spring with vibrant blooms. Richmond Park’s expansive space is ideal for cycling and has several playgrounds and a climbing wall for adventurous kids. In autumn, the park’s foliage is breathtaking, offering perfect picnic spots and scenic walks.

isabella plantation inside Richmond park isabella plantation Kodak Pixpro FZ201

Isabella plantation inside Richmond park photographed with a Kodak Pixpro FZ201

FREE LONDON: Centenary Azaleas in full bloom at secret garden Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

Greenwich Park

One of the oldest royal parks, Greenwich Park offers a blend of historic charm and modern attractions. The Royal Observatory is a highlight, offering interactive exhibits about space and time. The playgrounds and boating lake provide fun activities, while the deer park adds a touch of wildlife adventure. Summer brings outdoor theatre performances and picnics with panoramic views. In winter, the park hosts festive markets and ice-skating, making it a year-round destination.

Summer activities for days and nights in and around Greenwich

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park


St. James’s Park

Pink Pelicans are the VIP residents of St James Park

Pink Pelicans are the VIP residents of St James Park

St. James’s Park, steeped in history and centrally located in London, offers families a blend of tranquillity and vibrant activity throughout the year. As the oldest of London’s royal parks, it holds a special charm with its picturesque landscapes and iconic attractions.

Exploring Nature and Wildlife: A leisurely stroll around St. James’s Park Lake is a must-do for visitors of all ages. The scenic paths meander past lush greenery, blooming flower beds, and charming bridges, offering glimpses of waterfowl and resident pelicans. Families can enjoy feeding times for the pelicans, a fascinating activity for children to observe these majestic birds up close.

Boating on the Lake: During warmer months, hiring a boat on the lake is a popular activity. Children and teenagers can take turns paddling or simply relax on the water, enjoying views of Buckingham Palace and the London Eye from a unique perspective. It’s a serene experience amidst the bustling cityscape.

Family-Friendly Facilities: St. James’s Park boasts well-maintained playgrounds that cater to different age groups, ensuring that children have ample space to play and explore. The café with its scenic views over the lake provides a perfect spot for parents to relax while keeping an eye on their little ones.

Seasonal Delights: In summer, St. James’s Park comes alive with concerts and outdoor events, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Families can spread out a picnic blanket, listen to live music, and soak in the festive atmosphere. It’s an ideal setting for bonding and enjoying London’s cultural offerings.

Winter Magic: As the colder months approach, St. James’s Park transforms into a winter wonderland. The Christmas market becomes a focal point with its festive stalls offering seasonal treats, handcrafted gifts, and entertainment. The park’s ice-skating rink adds to the seasonal charm, inviting families to glide across the ice against the backdrop of historic landmarks.

Historical Significance: Beyond its natural beauty, St. James’s Park is steeped in history. Dating back to the 17th century, it has served as a royal hunting ground and a place of leisure for monarchs and Londoners alike. The park’s elegant pathways and well-preserved architecture reflect its rich heritage, providing a glimpse into London’s past amidst its bustling present.


Regent’s Park

Monica and Diego in Regent's park september 2011

My son Diego has always loved the colours of Regent’s park

Regent’s Park is a picturesque oasis and home to the renowned London Zoo, a hit with children and teenagers alike. The park is a haven for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city.

london Regent's Park royal-garden

Regent’s Park Royal garden

Spring: The park bursts into life with cherry blossoms and tulips. Families can enjoy picnics on the lush lawns, rent boats on the boating lake, or catch a live performance at the Open Air Theatre. The playground is a hit with younger kids, offering plenty of climbing and sliding fun.

Summer: The park’s stunning rose garden is in full bloom, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Children can join in various outdoor sports like tennis, football, or cricket. The cycle paths and skateboarding area are great for teens looking for a bit of adventure.

Autumn: The park’s foliage turns into a tapestry of vibrant colours, ideal for leisurely walks or bike rides. Kids can enjoy outdoor craft activities like leaf art and scavenger hunts. The London Zoo also hosts a fun-filled Halloween event for families.

Winter: Regent’s Park transforms into a winter wonderland with ice-skating on the picturesque outdoor rink. Families can enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides for a magical experience. The Christmas market offers festive treats, games, and activities, making it a perfect winter outing.

Bushy Park

Half-term family activities Carriage rides at Bushy Park

Half-term family activities Carriage rides at Bushy Park

Bushy Park, located near Hampton Court Palace, is a gem for families. The park’s open spaces are perfect for games and picnics. Children will love the adventure playground with its climbing frames and sandpit. The park is also home to a large population of deer, making wildlife spotting an exciting activity. In spring, the Woodland Gardens are in full bloom, while summer offers boating on the Diana Fountain Pond. Autumn walks reveal stunning colours, and winter brings a peaceful, frosty beauty to the landscape.

London’s royal parks are a treasure trove of outdoor adventures for families. Whether it’s splashing in fountains, spotting deer, enjoying concerts, or ice-skating under the stars, there’s always something to delight children and teenagers. So, pack a picnic, grab your walking shoes, and explore the green heart of London with your family.


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