BST Hyde Park 2023 Grand Opening: All Things Orchestral delights families

So… with Glasto and BST kicking off this week, I declare the music festival season open! 
Whether you are on a tight budget or not, London has something to offer to you this summer. Last night, BST Hyde Park festival series kicked off with “All Things Orchestral,” which brought a unique and refreshing experience to London’s music festival scene. The classical music concert alfresco was presented by the talented Myleene Klass, who guided the audience through an enchanting evening featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and the renowned tenor, Alfie Boe. This inaugural event marked a significant milestone for the festival, introducing a genre that often remains distant from the mainstream festival circuit.

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Set amidst the picturesque greenery of Hyde Park, the festival attracted a diverse crowd, including families with young children, grandparents, and couples. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm with which classical music was embraced by the attendees, proving that it can be just as popular as pop and rock music. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and a sense of occasion as music lovers gathered to witness this historic event.

“All Things Orchestral” aimed to take the audience on a captivating journey through the world of classical music, combining both traditional and contemporary compositions. Myleene Klass, a classically trained musician herself, provided insightful commentary, sharing the history and stories behind the repertoire. Her passion for the genre was evident as she expressed her excitement at hosting the first-ever Classical BST at Hyde Park.

BST Hyde park orchestral 2023

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, renowned for their exceptional talent and versatility, delivered great. performances throughout the evening. Joined by the sensational Alfie Boe, whose powerful and emotive tenor voice enraptured the audience, the orchestra showcased their virtuosity and ability to breathe new life into classical compositions. Boe’s presence added a captivating and dynamic element to the orchestral performances, leaving the crowd spellbound. His repertoire – mainly from Italian opera and Neapolitan songs – was personally very touching and as an Italian myself I have to admit that Alfie has an almost perfect Italian accent. 

The concert featured a diverse selection of classical and film scores, appealing to music lovers of all ages. From beloved symphonies to iconic movie soundtracks, the repertoire was carefully curated to strike a chord with both seasoned classical music enthusiasts and those new to the genre. This thoughtful selection ensured that the evening was accessible and enjoyable for everyone, furthering the organisers’ aim of opening up classical music to a broader audience.

The success of the All Things Orchestral event was not limited to its musical performances. The festival itself, BST Hyde Park, has a rich history of hosting some of the biggest names in music, from the Rolling Stones to Taylor Swift. However, this year’s inclusion of a classical music concert demonstrates a commitment to diversifying the festival’s offerings and reaching beyond traditional genres. By embracing classical music, BST Hyde Park contributes to the preservation of the genre and the importance of music education, especially in a time when it faces challenges and cuts.

Alfie Boe said that his aim is to make classical and orchestral music accessible to all. All Things Orchestral aimed to reignite that passion, showcasing the vibrancy and energy of classical performances to inspire a new generation of music enthusiasts.

The affordability of the BST Hyde Park tickets, starting at just £11.45, further emphasised the organisers’ commitment to inclusivity. By offering accessible pricing, they ensured that classical music could be enjoyed by people from various backgrounds and age groups, making it an event that families and individuals on a tight budget could also attend.

The success of All Things Orchestral at BST Hyde Park serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of classical music. The festival’s decision to introduce this genre to its lineup demonstrates a willingness to diversify and evolve, catering to the changing tastes and interests of its audience. The enchanting performances by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, coupled with the charismatic presence of Alfie Boe and the expert guidance of Myleene Klass, created an unforgettable evening that celebrated the beauty and richness of classical music.

As the BST Hyde Park festival series continues with an exciting lineup including Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, BLACKPINK, Guns N’ Roses, Take That, P!nk, Billy Joel, and Lana Del Rey, it is evident that the inclusion of All Things Orchestral marked a significant step forward in bringing classical music to the forefront of the festival scene. It is hoped that this event will inspire future collaborations between classical orchestras and music festivals, fostering a renewed appreciation for the genre and encouraging its continued growth in popularity.

BST Hyde Park’s Open House:

BST Hyde Park open house festival 2023

In between the three weekends of legendary music, American Express presents BST Hyde Park opens its doors during the week to host the hugely popular summer event Open House. Today, BST Hyde Park is excited to announce a new conversation series COMMON GROUND… DISCUSSIONS FROM A PARK BENCH will be joining the Open House programming for the first time this year. Plus, the line-up for the Rainbow Stage, hosted by DJ Goldierocks, has been revealed.

4 July COMMON GROUND… DISCUSSIONS FROM A PARK BENCH with England football legend John Barnes & Broadcaster Alastair Campbell

5 July SOHO RADIO presents COMMON GROUND… DISCUSSIONS FROM A PARK BENCH with Norman Jay MBE, Simone Marie & Broadcaster Shaun Keaveny Plus live music + more on the Rainbow Stage hosted by DJ Goldierocks


For more information + event schedule, visit


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