Shuffleboard & brunch? I’m in! Review of London Shuffle Club in Shoreditch

Last weekend I was invited to the London Shuffle Club in Shoreditch for what I can describe as an amazing time and event. Upon arrival I was greeted by two lovely staff members who led me inside the venue to sit at a table to enjoy two full hours of blissful pizza brunch & Prosecco. During this time I also had a chance to learn about and have a go at shuffleboard, a game of which I knew nothing before stepping into London Shuffle Club. I can now confidently say that not only I know what shuffleboard is but also how it works! 

London Shuffle Club has 6 indoor alley-style lanes and 2 outdoor lanes. Shuffle Brunch will be offered every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year.

During my two hours slot, the helpful staff offered me and my guest different types of pizza & drinks.

When it was our turn on the shuffleboard lane, staff was still walking around with drinks and food on offer, so we could easily play, eat and drink when we wanted. 


London Shuffle Club is all about choices: what pizza to choose and which lane you want to use. Once we picked these, we just relaxed with friends and family while listening to the music chosen by a live DJ. 

Here’s one of the amazing chefs at work.

Last but not least, after winning people are encouraged to take a picture or a selfie by the wall of fame to remember the amazing afternoon spent at London Shuffle Club.

London Mums’ Rating: 10/10


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