Restaurant review: Antillean

A new Pan Caribeean inspired restaurant and cocktail bar called Antillean has recently opened near Southwark tube station and London Mums have checked it out.

The name Antillean (derived from the beautiful Antilles islands) comes from the love of Chef Patron, Michael Hanbury and culinary Director Baziz Rachedi for a rich and diverse food, drink, music, art and culture. 

The menu reflects the French, African, Spanish, Indian, Dutch and Chinese influences on the Caribbean with lots of seafood, tapas-style dishes. 

The rich flavour in each dish is complimented by the extensive selection of exotic rum cocktails from around the world. The bar actually offers over 100 distinctive types of rum to choose from, so you are definitely spoilt for choice. The restaurant has various sections including a bar at the entrace that brings people together. 

The whole space is bright and wide and offers high-end casual dining, which made me feel really relaxed (as opposed to typical crowded London diners).

My friend and I started our five course signature meal – priced at £65 including a number of dishes served to be shared. 

That started with two excellent and unique cocktails: 

Planters’ Punch – a colourful, sweet blend of rum and pineapple 

Blanchisseuse Punch – a refreshing citrus based, less sweet drink. 

Our ceviche entrees: 

Scallop ceviche with chilli and lime (£12): The sweet taste and softness of the fresh scallops mix well with the personality of the chilli and the freshness of the lime. 

Lime barracuda, black bean sauce, pickled ginger and spring onions (£12): White fish (I was curious to taste the barracuda which I only knew from snorkelling in Mexico) combined with fresh spicy Caribbean sauce with a strong personality. All flavours and fragrances are distinctively recognisable. 

Our Small plates:

Grilled octopus, mango, cucumber, mint, scotch bonnet emulsion (£17): crispy octopus that I ate with my eyes closed and almost felt the smell of the Caribbean ocean. 

Oxtail patties, Bajan hot sauce (£7): Very spicy, brazed beef meet (oxtail), very tender, wrapped up in a pouch of pastry. Spiced up with Bajan hot sauce and mustard. 

Our large plates: 

Crab claw curry, soft shell crab, rice & peas (£25): Delicate coconut sauce in the curry. Even the crab’s legs are edible and crunchy. 

Rum marinated Ribeye, boniato mash, salsa verde (£29): juicy steak with sweet potato mash and horseradish (boniato).


Maduros (£60): plantain chips. 

Our dessert:

Guinness Punch vanilla ice cream: surprisingly delicious.

Last but not least, the customer care is second to none for London standards and Italian manager aka maitre d’ Alice spoilt us rotten with her delightful advice on the various dishes. She ensured we had a special dining experience by providing us with great details of each plate before ordering. So we ended up with food and drinks that we loved. 

The restaurant is open seven days a week.

Antillean can be found at 74 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8HA.

0203 011 4449 
Nearest transport: Waterloo and Southwark

Every Saturday Antillean hosts the ultimate Brunch experience! There’s nothing better than spending some quality time with family and friends, sharing some tantalising food, and drinks, in a chilled and fun atmosphere.You can have a delicious three course brunch while listening to cool tunes from the resident DJ, accompanied by the Caribbean jazz vibes of a live saxophonist.

For £35 per person, you are greeted with a cocktail and three Caribbean-infused courses of some of Antillean’s most creative plates of food including platters to share before individual main courses which include Ribeye Steak with Mojo Dressing and Yuca Fries, or Jackfruit Curry with Butternut Squash and Steamed Rice.

A lá carte menu is also available.

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