New Restaurant opening: Colonel Saab at Trafalgar Square

London Mums Magazine had the privilege of attending the opening of Colonel Saab in Trafalgar Square last night, Wednesday, 22nd November 2023. A haven for fine Indian dining, Colonel Saab seamlessly blends traditional Indian dishes with contemporary culinary techniques and presentation, elevating the fine dining experience with high-quality ingredients and elegant presentations. The restaurant offers a unique twist on traditional street food, creating a nostalgic journey for diners.

New Restaurant opening: Colonel Saab at Trafalgar Square

This Trafalgar Square location is the sibling establishment to the existing one in Holborn. Both are modern Indian restaurants and bars open throughout the day. The driving force behind these culinary gems is Roop Parap Choudhary, an Indian-born entrepreneur and hotelier, dedicated to bringing some of India’s finest cuisine to London.

The name Colonel Saab is a tribute to Roop’s father, Col. Manbeer Choudhary, an army officer. The restaurant’s decor, featuring photos, ornaments, and engravings, tells the story of Roop’s life and family, emphasising the importance of family in Indian culture.

Roop’s deep love for family extends beyond his personal life to his staff, creating a warm and accommodating atmosphere. The restaurant showcases his upbringing by displaying pictures of his parents, grandparents, family, and friends. Colonel Saab is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of family, love, and India — a genuine representation of Indian cuisine in Trafalgar Square and London.

We experienced the perfect blend of culinary artistry and unmatched ambience at Colonel Saab, where genuine gourmet and street food from across India are created with passion and skill. During the launch party, the restaurant offered a variety of Indian and vegetarian dishes, including perfectly cooked paneer, dal makhani, and biryani. Many visitors praised the delicious wine and tea as well as the signature fruity cocktail, and the wait-staff was noted for their terrific service.

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Celebrating the grand opening of Colonel Saab near Trafalgar Square, this modern Indian restaurant founded by Roop Partap Choudhary is more than just a dining experience — it’s a love letter to Indian heritage and family. The decor seamlessly blends modern and traditional Indian elements, adorned with artwork that narrates unique stories.

Wearing an authentic saree for the occasion, our editor Monica Costa and I stepped into Colonel Saab and felt the air infused with love and warmth. The passionate staff shared captivating tales of the restaurant’s history, showcasing artefacts collected by Roop’s family during their travels across the Indian subcontinent.

Located near Trafalgar Square, the new venue is at the doorstep of the West End and the perfect stop before and after a nght out at the theatre.

The love embedded in every aspect, from the signature cocktails to the attentive service, pays homage to Indian heritage and Roop’s family. The restaurant is a charming venue for romantic dinners, family celebrations, or business lunches.

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The three-piece jazz band at the launch party added a mesmerising touch, envisioning Colonel Saab as a potential weekly jazz club — a prospect that would undoubtedly be embraced by patrons.


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