Modern Interior Trends for 2019

When you think about decorating the interior of your house, you need to make sure you choose looks that are classic and fresh to your home and ones which will last, not just what is on trend right now. But, in saying that you can also find many fantastic modern interior design ideas that will fit most homes as the look has been about sustainability and natural colours so far this year.   

Scandi Style

Nobody can escape how much the Scandinavian style has featured over the last few years in the interior design world, and that’s not about to change. The simple lines and cheery colours help emphasise the ‘less is more’ look that the Scandi style points towards.


Sustainability is such a key factor on everyone’s mind at the moment that it’s good to see that it has reached the interior design market. Even big stores like Ikea are starting to use recycled materials to create their products such as paper, fibre and foam.

With this in mind, another big trend is for recycled kitchens to be made from wood and plastic, obviously both recycled. The end result is great looking kitchens that can be paired with wooden worktops, brass taps and plants to create a modern, warm look while laying the floor with dark oak flooring, similar to those found at


Textures are always a critical factor in interior design as it’s what adds character to any home, but this year the textures are about slow living and natural materials. Many collections this year have been focused on artisan craft such as a weave which can be used on bedding, furniture and decorative items.

Mix and Match it

Gone are the times when everything had to be symmetrically perfect with the colours complimenting the decor as this year it’s mixing and matching which will help with the minimalist look. A combination of styles together is key with a view to keeping the colours similar in tone yet including patterns and shapes on other pieces within the home such as rugs and cushions.


The colour mustard has been featuring heavily in all high street interior sections as it’s been the ‘go to’ shade in the warmer months. What started off as just smaller pieces of mustard, or ochre interior features, have now have progressed onto larger investment pieces of furniture which are then able to add a real burst of colour to any room. The key with mustard is to not over complicate it, but instead to complement it with similar shades.

The Open Look

Instead of living in the past and hiding all your items away, it’s now on trend to have all your items on show with open shelving! Living rooms and dining rooms can really make this trend work as you can display beautiful vases and jugs that are not in use but are still nice enough to be shown.

This season has some really beautiful modern interior trends that are simply a pleasure to follow. This is because the key is making the interior of the home look more relaxed and warm, but with the occasional piece to really stand out.

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