Mill Hill School Enterprises and a new fitness studio

The last year has been difficult for everyone and the gym and fitness industry has been one of the hardest hit. Even the most seasoned athletes have struggled to find the motivation to train on their own, in cold, dark lockdown 3.0. Gyms are not just for working out in, they are a community, a hub, a place where you can shut yourself off from the outside world for a few hours to take some time to yourself, to work on you. While many have found that they are able to workout at home and some have even preferred it, we know that there are still a vast amount of gym users, desperate to get back to their gyms and classes to find that old comfort in the iron paradise, to be able to share their fitness journey with other like-minded people and to be able to push themselves to new levels of strength and fitness that isn’t necessarily available to everyone at home. 

We at Mill Hill School Enterprises are no exception. To make matters worse, we have had an empty gym sitting below us while we do our work, just staring at us through the CCTV! Thankfully, we have had a very exciting new venture to keep our mind busy while we wait for gyms to reopen. When the Foundation’s Operations Director gave the green light for the old changing rooms to be demolished to create a bigger space for our gym equipment, we couldn’t help but dream big. After a few months of research, proposals and tenders, we have come up with a design that will be well worth the wait. 

Proudly introducing “The Mill” a top of the range boutique gym and studio fit for every fitness journey, whether you a starting at the very beginning or are picking up from where you left off last year. 

The Mill is divided into 3 sections: The first is a strength and conditioning studio with racks, bars and dumbbells as well as self-powered cardio equipment like HIIT bikes, Ski Ergs and curved runways. The second is a HIIT studio with treadmills, prowler sleds, punch bags and much more. Both of these spaces can be used together or separately, and we will utilise the incredible talent we have in our teams to provide top quality classes alongside general gym entry. The third space is a studio with 15 bikes for spin classes, floor space for yoga, pilates, dance classes, weights and kettlebells for body pump and HIIT classes and much more. 

Work is now completed. With 3 times the space, we felt it only made sense to increase our opening hours as well. Once we are allowed, we will be opening for morning sessions and classes in addition to our evening and weekend times and hopefully in the near future, we will open for lunchtime classes too. Before then, we will be hosting Zoom and Instagram live classes to show off our new spaces and classes. All of this will be available from our new Instagram profile @themillatmillhill. We will run competitions for free memberships and merchandise and promote early bird offers on Instagram in the run up to opening so make sure you are following us! Memberships will be available as soon as the Government permits Gyms to open, please call the office on 020 8906 2322 for more information.

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