Disney Into The Woods themed Afternoon Tea at Sketch London

Disney fans should mark this week on their calendar! Not only Disney is eleasing Into The Woods DVD and Blu Ray, but you will also manage to taste for three weeks only, what can only be described as one of the best and only afternoon teas inspired by Into the Woods at fabulous Sketch London.


Be fast to book a table.  Sketch London restaurant is centrally located at 9 Conduit Street (walking distance from Oxford Circus- Regent Street).


Of course you need to know what to expect from this partnership between Disney and Sketch London and here is a delightful programme of events for this enchanted afternoon tea! The friendly staff guides you through a very special room which is decorated as if you were in an enchanted forest.

Once seated you will be offered this lovely menu ….


You will start the afternoon by choosing a pot of tea from the long and varied selection of Jing teas on offer. My advice is to try the Vanilla Tea (from the Black Tea Selection) or the Rose Tea…. they are both amazing and unique!



Jing Rose Tea with real pink rose infusion – Priceless

After sipping some delicious tea your waiter will serve you an assortment of finger ‘sand-witches’  and a selection of fairytale pastries all made with such art that you will have to think twice before eating them as you may just want to admire them rather than eating them.

You will most probably start by choosing to eat from the selection of finger ‘sand-witches’ and my advice is gently unwrap the little parcel which contains the Prince pesto Panini with mozzarella as it will still be warm and will melt in your mouth just like butter.

Sketch London collage

Next, try the baker and wife’s selection of pastries which, as per the Disney theme of Into The Woods, represent some of the characters of the film. You will immediately spot Little Red Riding Hood’s pastry with its charming red hood. What other edible characters  can you find from this selection?

Try the chocolate cake with a hint of mint and the pineapple, coriander and coconut sponge cakes! Just look at how gorgeous they look like. They are yummy too.


Let your imagination wonder in this delightful feast and appreciate the delicacies of this wonderful spread.

Once you have finished the delightful pastries have a little rest. I suggest you select another pot of tea from the long list on the menu and have a chat before they serve you warm sultana or plain scones with jams and clotted cream.


For myself and London Mums magazine editor Monica Costa has been an absolute pleasure to taste this Into the Woods themed Afternoon Tea at Sketch London and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Disney and has a refined palate for delicious and stylish afternoon teas.



DSC09732The venue is a gallery in its own right.

Celebrated British artist, David Shrigley, has transformed the Gallery at Sketch London as part of a long-term programme of artist-conceived restaurants. Open for afternoon tea and dinner the project follows the huge success of artist Martin Creed’s restaurant commission at sketch in 2012. 239 new works line the restaurant’s walls, forming the largest group of original drawings David Shrigley has ever exhibited.

India Mahdavi, who has created a backdrop for David Shrigley’s artwork, conceived a soothing, monochromatic, strikingly comprehensive interior. The classic, almost bourgeois design invites a deliberately playful contrast with the witty, outré art works; all is most certainly not what it seems. While matching sketch’s delight in the avant-garde, this harmonious disorder breaks with the Gallery’s usual eclecticism.

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