Bread Making Masterclass at Paul Bakery in Covent Garden

Paul Bakery and patisserie is a family run business which started in France and now has shops all around the world. I was invited to a bread making masterclass with a Valentine theme which really appealed to me for a few reasons. Firstly, I always wanted to attend a bread making course but I never got the chance. Secondly, when I was offered the opportunity to attend a masterclass in a renowned bakery, I could not let this opportunity go by as I have to admit that I love Paul’s bread loafs. Therefore having the chance to make my own baguette or olive loaf, was the most tempting venture I could have asked for. 

My Valentine ‘date’ for the bread making masterclass was London Mums editor Monica Costa

At the Paul bakery in Covent Garden, I was welcomed by the bread master himself, Richard. He offered me a warm drink, which I appreciated as it was a cold evening in February in London! I sat at a table and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate.
Once the other attendees arrived, we were lead downstairs to a very big kitchen area. Here we mastered the bread making class, with Richard and his helper explaining to us the whole bread making process and telling us everything about the ingredients needed to make from scratch the different type of bread loaves.  
Richard is a walking knowledgeable book when it comes to bread making and you can ask him as many questions you want and he’ll be very happy to answer them in detail. 
During the masterclass you will have a chance to also interact with the other members of the class, which makes the evening go by even more pleasantly.
The masterclass taught us to make bread from scratch: from making our own dough, to shaping it, to placing it in the oven and finally to eating it.
Once the masterclass is finished and while you wait for the bread to bake in the oven, you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the upstairs restaurant area, with lots of French related goodies, from salami to a variety of breads…rest assured that you will be leaving with a full stomach and plenty of different bread to take home. 
I rate this experience 10/10 as it was a fun filled masterclass with a great teacher. I recommend this course to anyone that wants a different evening out and experience. It will not disappoint.

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