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Four Fun and Simple DIY Games and Activities for Kids

These days, children have a wide array of games, toys and activities to choose from. Whether they are the outdoorsy types who enjoy camping and sports, or homebodies who prefer crafts and video games, there’s something available for each and every child out there. However, finding the right activity or toy doesn’t have to be a costly feat that involves hours of shopping. Sometimes, the best games and toys are those that come straight from home. On that note, we’ve compiled a list of the best Do It Yourself (DIY) games for kids. Trust us, your kids will be as entertained as ever before! DIY Games Hopscotch activities with kids

Sidewalk Games

A fun game of hopscotch can be achieved with a single package of outdoor chalk

Most kids enjoy the outdoors, but all kids love it when outdoor activities are combined with fun art projects. Sidewalk games are the perfect way of achieving that balance and all it takes is either a package of outdoor colored chalk or, a large sheet of cardboard and some paint. Have kids paint out a hopscotch board on a large piece of cardboard paper or, get them to draw it out by hand with chalk directly on the sidewalk.

DIY Games jump hopscotch

Not only is this an easy DIY project, but they’ll have loads of fun playing with friends and you won’t have much cleaning up to do at the end of the day!



Create a Superhero Bingo Board with your child for a fun game night

 DIY Games Bingo activities with kids

Bingo is the beloved game for people worldwide and children are no exception to this fact. Creating a simple DIY bingo board is quick and easy and the best part is that it can be themed to the child’s preferences. Thus, if your child likes comic books, then you can theme the bingo board to represent all of his or her favorite heros. This is an easy activity that the whole family can enjoy. 


Balloon Pets

A great use for an item all kids love, balloons

DIY Games

One of the most versatile, and underrated, craft items to use for DIY projects are balloons. There are multiple uses for them but our favorite things to create are balloon pets. With a few multicolored balloons, some cardboard, a pair of scissors, markers and glue, your child can create a unique-looking pseudo pet that they might want to bring to their next “Show and Tell” event. This is also a fun activity option for birthday parties and sleepovers.


Cardboard baskets, plates and more!

If you’d like to be more involved in your child’s activities, here’s one that gets you just as involved as your little one. You’ll need a selection of water paints, some plain cardboard that folds easily, tape, glue, sparkles and scissors. By following a simple tutorial in shaping cardboard into baskets, you can then attach them together with glue or tape, and paint them as you wish! This is a fun activity as it really engages your child into making something useful and leaves you with a precious item you can use among your regular household items.

cat sleeping in cardboard box

These four DIY activities and games are easy, fun and best of all, inexpensive. Getting your kids to be crafty and think outside of the box is an additional bonus to the four DIY ideas listed above. Go ahead and get creating with your kids today!


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