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Family Event Doktor James and the Akademy of Evil 26 March 2017

A real treat for Mother’s Day: a top affordable family event.

Almost every day we get up to read on papers and online that is the International Day of something: toast, kittens, friendship.
Beyond the obvious commercial aspects of this proliferation, there are long-standing celebratory days that really mean something and Mother’s Day is certainly the first and foremost.

But, to paraphrase a famous film, ‘what do mothers really want’? Nothing more than to spend a great day with their families and being relieved from having to cook and to do the washing up (or the loading of the washing machine), can but be a bonus.

The Draper Together association is organizing its first Sunday Together day on Mother’s Day in London SE1: a great, award-winning show will be followed by a meal, all included in the price of the tickets, fantastically fixed at £5 for adults and £3 for kids.

The show chosen for this first Sunday is going to be Doktor James and the Akademy of Evil, a joyous romp in the world of the lesser known brother of a very successful superhero. The show had a great success at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2016 and it is suitable for all ages, very much like a Pixar film.

Weather permitting, the venue also offers outside tables and it is an enclosed space, safe for children to play in.

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