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COOK BOOK Review: ‘Feel Good’ by Melissa Hemsley presented at Coppa Club Putney

At a special event hosted at the beautiful restaurant Coppa Club Putney, Melissa Hemsley greeted us joyfully in a yellow Gingham dress with poofy sleeves, as if she was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, about to take us on a journey to a better place. And indeed she walked us through the thought processes that inspired her new book Feel Good.  She writes sympathetically for the over-worked and under-rested, which pretty much describes most of us mums.

Cook book cover by Melissa Hemsley posing for mums magazine

The problem is, good food is central to our well-being but so often becomes a burden to prepare, and thus we choose more  unhealthy, convenient options. Her solution is bulk-cooking a base dish and freezing it, then prepping fresh, zingy sauces to put with it, miso-based one day, pesto-based the next. Sounds ideal.

Melissa Hemsley posing for mums magazine

Melissa’s caring nature means she is very keen to build our awareness of the healthful ‘brain’ foods.  Her big thing is beans and pulses, because he who is full of beans lives long and healthy according to nutritional studies.  I personally have been avoiding beans and pulses because of their unpleasant after-effects, but she has a solution for that:  have a can open at the ready, sprinkle little and often, on whatever you are eating. That’s what I’m going to take away from this!

Melissa Hemsley posing for mums magazine

Her holistic  approach includes choosing ecological food production, fairtrade, and preferring local producers and seasonal produce. The photos are refreshingly genuine, just as the dish appeared, scorch marks and all; and no adding ingredients to make it look better, she assured us.

Melissa Hemsley’s book ‘Feel good – Quick and Easy Recipes for comfort and Joy‘ retails at £22.


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