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ClassForKids platform review

I recently came across a very family friendly international hub of classes for children, ClassForKids, and I would like to spread the word about it. ClassForKids brings convenience to both club owners and parents and is user-friendly because via their app parents can book classes quickly and at their fingertips.  

ClassForKids supports a quarter of a million parents by giving them the easiest way to find, book and pay for their kids classes directly from their mobiles. 
Check out these videos of what parents love about booking their kids classes when using ClassForKids and how easy it is to pay for their classes. 

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ClassForKids seems to have a very clear purpose – bringing kids activities into the digital era by making it easier for parents to book, pay, and re-enrol their kids into their classes, whether those be dance, swimming, gymnastics, or just about anything else you can think of that keeps our little ones active and engaged.
As a busy parent I have always been digging around in schoolbags looking for the next form to fill-in, and the accompanying envelope to stuff with cash. Dealing with my own kid’s admin seems to be just one of the many responsibilities I’ve picked up over the years, and so anyone that can offer me a simpler way to keep on top of it is worth a bit of attention! 
While the platform has been primarily designed for coaches and owners of activity businesses to reduce their admin, there is also a very clear focus on the parent experience.
Features like ‘quick re-run’ and ‘class messaging’ must be attractive to someone trying to manage multiple lessons and hundreds of kids, but there are obvious benefits to me as a parent of a system that pings me a text message when it’s time to pay for the next block of lessons, and then lets me do it in 3 clicks; I’m no longer the red-faced Mum turning up to class having forgotten to bring the cash AGAIN. 
ClassForKids offers a selection of after school activities for children up to 18. Their website is

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