Tibits, a parents’ paradise in Central London

In the heart of Central London, in Heddon Street (off Regents Street) London Mums have found a top child-friendly restaurant, cafe’, self-service, with a ‘customer is king’ approach. Tibits is where I met Gail Porter for an interview to appear in the London Mums magazine issue 5 (winter 2011/spring 2012).

Photo of Monica Costa and Gail Porter at Tibits courtesy of MemoryGate www.memorygate.co.uk

Excellent quality vegetarian food – no fuss self service with a very relaxing kids’
lounge where both parents and mums can spend an afternoon eating and playing.

Among our favourite delikatessen there are Caramelised chestnuts, Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, Aubergines in the Mediterranean style, Moroccan Carrot and plum tagine, very healthy and light Tofu variety, a paradise of vegetables cooked in low fat but very savory.

It is certainly my top choice in Central London where I often sat with my fellow London Mums relaxing over a lovely Passion Fruit juice (see recipe) while kids can play.

The furniture and colours of the interior retro is amazing and makes you feel like in an episode of Mad Men.

No need to drink water at tibits as the juices are fab my favourite is
passion fruit – beetroot juice – try the recipe https://londonmumsmagazine.com/2011/passionfruit.

For more information, visit the website www.tibits.co.uk

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