West End show review: CHAPTERS 25+1 at Peacock Theatre

On Saturday 25th of June at the Peacock theatre a group of people came together to present a hip hop show to the audience. Young dancers from around the world had come together with one thing in common “dance”. Different ages, different sizes, different race and abilities had all come together that night. 

The Chapters 25+1 show was dedicated to the celebration of the last 25 years of the positive changes made by Impact Dance, a youth empowerment and dance organisation.

Impact Dance’s founder Hakeem Onibudo has made opening the way for young people to dance, via hip hop, is his lifetime work. Hakeem is passionate about educating and empowering the youth and has guided so many teenagers through educating and mentoring them on their hip hop journey.

Since 1995, Impact Dance have engaged young people of diverse backgrounds to develop their performative and creative abilities and trust themselves to be who they want in the society they live in. Hakeem has worked with 11- to 19-year-olds through dance training, mentoring, national and international performances. 

“Common – Unity” is what Hakeem proudly stands by and this community spirit was exploding on the stage as the dancers performed.

Impact Dance is an innovative expression of black hip hop culture. The choreography grips the audience through its unorthodox movements and dynamic style. Simplistic fashion choices are assigned to the dancers which effectively complements the modern dance numbers. A young, vibrant energy is created by the teenage participants which helps to engage all those watching. Overall Impact Dance is a refreshing night of entertainment that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Hakeem and his team put on a show that was very memorable. He spoke passionately about the team and dancers which was inspiring to hear. 

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