Uptown Festival at Rochester Castle: A Reggae extravaganza 

I had the pleasure of travelling to Rochester from London for the first time this past Sunday, 7th July 2024. Not only did I get to explore this charming town, but I also attended the Uptown Festival, combining a town visit with one of my favourite activities.

Despite some drizzle at the start, the summer sun eventually made an appearance over Rochester Castle. Headlined by UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, the event turned the historic venue into a reggae hub, attracting fans of all ages and backgrounds.

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A Unique Venue

The festival was held within the walls of Rochester Castle, a location that added a touch of mediaeval charm to the reggae beats. As the rain cleared, the castle grounds filled with festival-goers, creating a vibrant atmosphere. By 5pm, the grounds were bustling with attendees, all ready for an afternoon of live music.

Music and Atmosphere

The festivities began under a light rain, but as the skies brightened, so did the crowd’s energy. The Marley Experience set the tone for the day with their renditions of reggae classics, sparking a sing-along that echoed through the castle grounds.

Throughout the day, subsequent bands kept the momentum going, prompting dance moves across the venue. The rhythms and performances had the crowd swaying and grooving to the reggae beats.

The Main Act

As the sun began to set, anticipation grew for the headline act. UB40 featuring Ali Campbell took the stage to enthusiastic applause. The band played their hits, with the crowd dancing along. The performance was well-received, with fans enjoying the timeless tunes and lively atmosphere.

A Memorable Day

The Uptown Festival at Rochester Castle was a successful event, blending a historic location, lively music, and an engaged audience. It was a day where reggae music brought people together, creating lasting memories.

Whether you attended for UB40 or to discover new acts, the festival highlighted the power of live music and community spirit. Here’s to more enjoyable Sundays and English summer days!

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