Tutankhamun London exhibition review 

If you are after something beautiful and educational to do with the kids over the holidays, head to the Saatchi Gallery for TUTANKHAMUN: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh, produced by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. It unveils more than 150 original objects from the tomb, 60 of which have travelled out of Egypt for the first and final time before they return for permanent display within the Grand Egyptian Museum which is currently under construction. 

The exhibition showcases all the rituals the body of the dead young king – who passed at the age of 19 after a short-lived reign – went through to move to the afterlife. Lots of objects and well -displayed descriptions accompany the visitors – the exhibition is particularly suited to school children – in this journey to understand the reasons why the Egyptians went through so much trouble to build tombs of such majestic proportions for their Pharaohs. Their religious beliefs influenced their customs and traditions. 
The exhibitions is very cinematic and includes a section dedicated to the British explorer and Egyptologist Howard Carter who unearthed the tomb thanks to its patron and financier Lord Carnarvon in 1922.
Their combined efforts clearly paid off because the legend of Tutankhamun captured imaginations globally. Tut’s fame has reached new highs (or lows, depending on the points of view). 
Some of the objects have never left Egypt before, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn everything about Tutankhamun and his people in a very visually stunning exhibition.
Very young children (under the age of 5) might find it a bit too difficult at times, but the beauty of the golden artefacts and the gold/ blue jewellery will take their breath away. Kids can find out all about the most famous of the Pharaohs, and the young sovereign’s personal belongings as they follow his passage into everlasting life.

It’s fun to try and read the Egyptians inscriptions. Even young kids would enjoy it.

Prior to the London showing, the exhibition became France’s most visited of all time with attendance of over 1.4 million. Tickets are selling fast in London, sell-outs are expected and advance booking is highly recommended. You need to book a time slot ahead of your visit. Expect to stay at least 90 minutes as there are lots of videos and descriptions to go through. 

London Mums’ rating: 8/10 

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