Toy Creche at the O2 ensures a stress-free half term

The O2 has launched the first-ever Toy Creche to look after children’s favourite toys while families enjoy activities at the venue. This initiative comes in response to new research showing that over a third of parents (34%) are constantly worried about their children misplacing their comfort toys. The Toy Creche will be stationed outside the Superdry store at The O2 and will operate from 10am to 4pm from Thursday, 30th May to Saturday, 1st June. The service is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is free of charge.

Toy Creche at the O2 ensures a stress-free half termv

Toys enjoying a day out at the newly-launched Toy Crèche at Outlet Shopping at The O2, following research finding over a third of parents and carers (34%) “live in constant fear” of their little ones misplacing their favourite “comfort toy.”

The stress of losing a toy is significant, with parents equating it to the anxiety of losing a phone (36%), keys (33%), or cash (30%). Nearly all children (93%) have a comfort toy, prompting parents to go to great lengths to keep them safe. To address this concern, The O2 is introducing a dedicated Toy Creche where staff will care for and entertain the toys. Toys will be labelled and logged on check-in, ensuring they are well looked after while families enjoy their day. The service includes activities and treats, giving toys their own VIP experience.

The survey, conducted by Censuswide with 2,020 UK respondents (aged 16+), highlights the importance of comfort toys to children and the stress parents feel about losing them. It found that 83% of parents worry about losing their child’s toy, with over a third constantly fearing its loss. The data shows that losing a toy can be more stressful than misplacing other important items. Parents often take extensive measures to recover lost toys, including enlisting help from friends and family or purchasing identical replacements online.

The Toy Creche aims to alleviate this burden, allowing parents to enjoy their visit without worrying about their children’s beloved toys. The O2 is known for offering a wide range of activities and entertainment options, including cinemas, bowling, indoor skydiving, and a variety of bars and restaurants. Additionally, Outlet Shopping at The O2 offers a wide range of designer brands with up to 70% off, including Adidas, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, and Nike. Located just 15 minutes from central London, the shopping experience is complemented by other attractions like the roof-walk attraction Up at The O2, interactive football experience TOCA Social, gaming battleground BOOM BATTLE BAR, and London’s largest cinema, Cineworld.

The O2 has become London’s most exciting retail and entertainment destinations, where families can now enjoy their day out knowing their children’s beloved toys are in safe hands.

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