Sweet delights in the sky: London Eye’s festive transformation

As the UK is overtaken by Wonka fever and everything chocolate and fun this week… The lastminute.com London Eye has transformed one of its pods into a floating sweet shop in the sky, 135m above London.

The Sky Candy Emporium, is now open to guests and running until 10th December 2023. And offers – a sensory chocolate tasting experience, sherbet cocktails, a pick n mix forest and candy floss clouds you can pluck from the sky! London Mums have checked it out to elevate our holiday spirit to new heights, quite literally.

London Eye sweet sky emporium collage

Sky Candy Emporium Highlights:

  • Pods of Delight: Step into a candy wonderland in one of the attraction’s pods, transformed with vibrant colours and whimsical decorations. Pink fluffy candy floss clouds and an epic pick n mix forest await, providing a visual feast for guests at 135m above the capital.
  • Chocolate Sensation: Embark on a guided chocolate tasting session, ‘The Five Senses Chocolate Flight,’ exploring the sensory journey of chocolate. Uncover the mysteries behind the nation’s favourite confectionery as you tantalise your taste buds.
  • Sherbet Soiree: As you float above London’s skyline, indulge in a unique themed cocktail or mocktail. The ‘Up to the Clouds’ cocktail, a vodka-based concoction, transforms magically in colour based on the sherbet flavour chosen. With options like grape, cherry, orange, or Maui punch, every sip is a delightful surprise.
  • Ultimate Selfie Spot: Capture the magic of the moment in the candy-themed pod, complete with swirly patterned seating, giant lollipop decorations, and tubes filled with colourful candy. The backdrop of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace adds an extra touch of London charm.

view of big ben from the london eye by london mums magazine

Immersive Experience:

The Sky Candy Emporium not only offers magical views but taste bud – tingling experiences and drinks – as well as your own pick and mix goodie bag when you disembark to allow you to take the experience home with you.

Practical Details:

  • Dates and Timings: The London Eye Sky Candy Emporium runs until 10th December, 2023. Weekdays: 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm. Weekends: 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm.
  • Ticket Cost: £60, including fast-track boarding. Pre-booking is essential, and each experience lasts 30 minutes.

Visit the London Eye ‘s website here to secure your spot in the sweetest pod in the sky.


The Five Senses Chocolate Flight

Confectionary expert Natalie Alibrandi shares her top tips for the maximum enjoyment of chocolate treats over the holidays on the lastminute.com London Eye Sky Candy Emporium

Confectionary expert Natalie Alibrandi shares her top tips for the maximum enjoyment of chocolate treats over the holidays

When asked about the science behind sensory experience, ‘The Five Senses Chocolate Flight’, in which guests are invited to intensify the experience of chocolate by tricking their senses, food scientist and chocolate expert Natalie Alibrandi shared some of her top tips to experiment at home:

  1. Use your senses – Chocolate is a complex delicacy with many layers. Use all your senses when consuming and your chocolate addiction may even reach new heights! Try holding your nose when taking your first bite; this will allow you to take in its deep sweet and bitter notes with your taste buds. Then when you let go the sudden rush of smell makes the flavour profile more pronounced
  2. Let it melt in your mouth – Letting your treat melt in the mouth versus chewing allows the chocolate to coat your mouth and will intensify the flavours and enjoyment 
  3. Eat it in the morning – Of course chocolate is delicious whatever time of day you eat it – but it’s all the better with a fresh palate, and it has caffeine in it so can help keep you going through till lunchtime 
  4. Pick the perfect pairing – If you love dark chocolate try pairing with a berry drink. With white chocolate cubes a lemon beverage cuts through beautifully. And if you’re a milk chocolate fan coffee is a clear winner providing bitterness. 

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