Soho Theatre review: Mum

Mum is a play by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm currently being performed at the Soho Theatre. 

Billed as a feverish journey through every parent’s worst nightmare this play certainly fit the bill! Some challenging material kept a fully engaged audience twisting and turning through the performance.

Sophie Melville brought great energy and believability to the part of young mum Nina, looking forward to her first evening off in months, hoping to let her hair down a bit and decompress from the stresses and strains of being a new parent. Shortly after handing over her bundle of joy/stress to mother-in-law and husband, she faces questions from social services when unexplained injuries are discovered during a visit to A&E after a fit.

Denise Black had the dual roles as both mother-in-law and mother, exploring the back story – how could anyone doubt her son? Cat Simmons was the friend Jackie helping Nina let her hair down, but it turned out was also a social worker, whose reports were a key input into  the process.

As we followed the story through the court case to the denouement – what would the result be? For that we recommend a visit to the Soho Theatre to find out!

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