Show review: My First Ballet – Swan Lake at the Peacock Theatre 4 – 13 Apr 2024

London and Britain at large offer a wealth of cultural experiences for families, presenting fantastic opportunities to introduce children to the world of arts and performance in a fun and approachable manner. From engaging theatre productions to enchanting ballet performances, there’s something for every young mind to explore and enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a magical adventure to delight both young and young at heart alike, then look no further than My First Ballet – Swan Lake at the Peacock Theatre. Tailored for children aged three upwards, this production offers a sweet introduction to the world of ballet.

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Imagine a world where princesses turn into swans, where magic swirls in the air, and where love triumphs over evil – this is the essence of Swan Lake. With a narrator dressed in jeans and shirt to guide audiences through the story, a shortened rendition of Tchaikovsky’s timeless music, and the graceful movements of students from the English National Ballet School, this production casts a spell of wonder from start to finish. 

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The Peacock Theatre buzzed with excitement as families gathered to witness this engaging performance. From the moment the curtain rose, it was clear that this was no ordinary ballet – it was a journey into a world of imagination and enchantment. The young dancers from the English National Ballet School displayed remarkable talent, effortlessly bringing the iconic characters of Swan Lake to life on stage.

As the story unfolded, the audience was transported into the realm of Prince Siegfried, Princess Odette, and the malevolent sorcerer Rothbart. From the sparkling costumes to the intricate choreography, every aspect of the production was a feast for the senses in a traditional and classical scenography. Amidst the beauty and grace, there was an underlying message of courage, love, and the triumph of good over evil – themes that resonate with audiences of all ages.

It was heartening to witness families of all backgrounds and abilities come together to share in the magic of ballet in a supportive environment.

On Wednesday 10 April at 2pm there will be a Relaxed Performance, which will provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals with sensory sensitivities or additional needs.

My First Ballet – Swan Lake is a must-see for families seeking to create cherished memories together.

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My First Ballet: Swan Lake

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