Show review: Demon Dentist written by David Walliams

The David Walliams’ brand is always going to deliver precisely what you expect, in greater or lesser degrees, and this production of Demon Dentist written by David Walliams and adapted by Neal Foster edges towards one of the better deliveries. Overall, the casting is particularly inspired in this production. Zain Abrahams, who plays newsagent Raj, deserves particular mention for his warm and very humorous performance and somewhat steals the show but Misha Malcolm (playing social worker Winnie) provides a meritorious second in terms of keeping the production away from the edge of dentist terror which it otherwise invites.

boy and man scared acting in Show Demon Dentist written by David Walliams


And not always successfully; there were more than a couple of younger members who were clearly upset by the story line and while the play, as plays do, finds its happy ever after resolution the spectre of dentistry as a remote entity which operates without the benefit of parental support and which operates as a potential instrument of pain and suffering, isn’t laid to rest in the production.

Show Demon Dentist written by David Walliams

Our now toothless and orphaned hero, Alfie (Sam Varley), has his new adoptive parents and the wicked tooth witch has been dispatched but there’s a Dahl-esque quality overall which invites the question of the age group the production aims itself towards. The jokes are mostly of a slapstick, playground nature and the performance is delivered in fine pantomime fashion but the older children were more inclined to acknowledge them than be amused by them. The theme lends itself to the older age group but the younger audience were largely indifferent to character development and gave the impression that they were waiting patiently for the next visual gag, joke, or song.

The singing, it has to be said, was of fine quality and I wouldn’t have been the only adult ruminating on the fact that, as Columbo says to Johnny Cash, “anyone who sings like that can’t be all bad” and recognising that dead tooth witches aren’t going to please us with their superb singing qualities ever again.

full cast posing with red Vespa motorbike on stage of Show Demon Dentist written by David Walliams

This is a show worth seeing for the family and was a lovely night out for everyone. West End producers of David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny and Billionaire Boy promise Demon Dentist to be the most thrilling and hilarious adventure yet!


London Mums’ rating: 7/10

boy and girl reading map on stage of show demon dentist written by david walliams

The venue

New Wimbledon Theatre


The story

Strange things are happening in Alfie’s town! Children are leaving their teeth for the tooth fairy and waking up to find horrible things under their pillow. Alfie and his friend Gabz are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery – but no-one could have dreamed what they’ll discover, when they come face to face with the demon dentist herself!


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