Show review: Bronco Billy The Musical at Charing Cross Theatre

London’s Charing Cross Theatre presents Bronco Billy – The Musical, a lively production inspired by the 1980 Clint Eastwood film. Set in the Old West, this adaptation aims to capture hearts and imaginations. But does it hit the mark?

Let’s dive into the details. Led by Tarinn Callender as Bronco, the musical combines catchy tunes with cowboy antics and a touch of slapstick. While the comedy shines, heartfelt moments sometimes get overshadowed. It’s like trying to manage a chaotic situation – entertaining but slightly disorganised.

Bronco Billy The MusicalCharing Cross Theatre

Bronco Billy The Musical – Charing Cross Theatre – 24th January 2024  – CAST Tarinn Callender: Bronco Billy  – Victoria Hamilton-Barritt : Constance Lily – Emily Benjamin : Antoinette Lily – ©The Other Richard

The music, composed by Chip Rosenbloom and John Torres, is pleasant overall, though not every tune stands out. Some songs linger in your mind, while others blend into the background.

Tarinn Callender as Bronco is not as impressive as I expected, and considering I was expecting a Clint Eastwood type in the iconic role, I was a bit underwhelmed. Emily Benjamin brings energy to the role of Antoinette Lily, and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt steals scenes as the cunning Constance Lily. In 2022, I saw Victoria performing in Hex at the National Theatre and I was happy to see her in action in Bronco Billy literally lighting up the stage. She is the real star in Bronco Billy and got a standing ovation at the end.

Bronco Billy Victoria Hamilton-Barritt

Victoria Hamilton-Barritt as Constance Lily ©The Other Richard


Director Hunter Bird aims for complexity but occasionally loses focus. While some moments dazzle, others falter. Amy Jane Cook’s scenic design effectively transports audiences to the Wild West.

Despite its charms, this show has its flaws. The press night performance suffered from mishaps and clumsy staging, leaving room for improvement. With refinement, this could be a standout production.

Still, there’s much to enjoy in this heartfelt adventure. The cast’s camaraderie shines through, and their performances exude warmth. With more rehearsal time, Bronco Billy could shine even brighter.

Don’t miss Bronco Billy – The Musical at Charing Cross Theatre until 7th April 2024.

Grab your boots and join the fun – it’s a ride worth taking!

Bronco Billy musical london cast

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