Rocking Hyde Park: Kings of Leon, Paolo Nutini, & The Vaccines electrify BST Day Two

After the visually spectacular launch by SZA, day two of American Express presents BST Hyde Park on Sunday, 30 June 2024 maintained the same intensity and style. Headlining the Great Oak Stage were Tennessee rockers, Kings of Leon, delivering a stunning 29-song set that left a lasting impression.

Kings of Leon at BST 2024

Kings of Leon at BST 2024 Photo by @elliekoepke_10

An All-Day Musical Marathon

Spending the whole day at the festival was an immersive experience. The crowd was a vibrant mix of ages and backgrounds, from ecstatic teenagers to parents accompanying their kids. The energy was palpable, and each act brought its unique flavour to the event.

Cannons: A Dreamy Start

Michelle Joy and Paul Davis of Cannons

Michelle Joy and Paul Davis of Cannons

Kicking off the day on the main stage were Cannons, the indie-pop trio from LA. Their dreamy, ethereal sound drew a large crowd early on. Lead vocalist Michelle Joy, along with childhood friends Ryan Clapham and Paul Davis, captivated the audience with hits like “Fire For You” and “Bad Dream.” They expressed their joy at performing in London for the first time, making the most of their stay with a curry near Piccadilly Circus.

Gary Clark Jr.: Blues Meets Rock

Next up was Gary Clark Jr., the Grammy-winning artist from Austin, Texas. His set was a masterclass in blues and rock, channelling legends like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder through his guitar riffs. Highlights included his breakout hit “Bright Lights” and the soulful “Habits.” His performance was a testament to his 30-year career, showcasing why he remains a powerhouse in the music world. His guitar solos were nothing short of electrifying, leaving the audience in awe.

The Vaccines: Punk Energy

Justin Hayward-Young of The Vaccines

Justin Hayward-Young of The Vaccines

The Vaccines brought a burst of punk energy to the stage. Their performance was a high-octane blend of contemporary British punk with a fun attitude and smart looks. Describing them as a fusion of Sex Pistols and Kaiser Chiefs, their set was one of my favourites. Tracks like “I Can’t Quit” and “If You Wanna” had the crowd singing along with gusto. Their energetic stage presence and catchy tunes made them a standout act of the day. The band’s interaction with the audience, combined with their infectious enthusiasm, created a memorable experience.

The vaccines at BST Hyde Park 2024 Photo by London Mums magazine

The Vaccines at BST Hyde Park 2024 Photo by London Mums Magazine


The vaccines at BST Hyde Park 2024 Photo by London Mums magazine

The Vaccines at BST Hyde Park 2024 Photo by London Mums Magazine

Paolo Nutini: Voice of a Generation

Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini Photo credit HP van Velthoven

Paisley’s finest, Paolo Nutini, returned to Hyde Park after 12 years, delivering a phenomenal set. His voice has only grown richer over time, resonating deeply with the audience. Highlights included “Iron Sky,” “New Shoes,” and “Shine A Light.”

Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini – Photo credit HP van Velthoven

His final song, focusing on peace and freedom with poignant images of war, left a powerful impact. Nutini’s soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics created an emotional atmosphere, reminding everyone of the profound connection between music and activism. Casually sipping on a beer, he commented on the vast audience singing along, which included several big-name musicians such as Mae Muller and George Ezra. His performance was a beautiful blend of old favourites and new tracks, showcasing his evolution as an artist.

Kings of Leon: A Grand Finale

Kings of Leon at BST Hyde Park 2024 photo by London Mums Magazine

Kings of Leon at BST Hyde Park 2024 photo by London Mums Magazine

The day culminated with Kings of Leon’s fabulous show. Their set was a mix of their biggest hits and underrated tracks, accompanied by fantastic lighting displays. The atmosphere was electric, with Caleb Followill’s engaging stage presence and the band’s tight performance. Despite some fans leaving half an hour before the end, the energy remained high. For me, the intensity and joy of the music made it impossible to leave early. Their performance included classics like “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody,” which had the entire crowd singing along. The band’s synergy was electric, with each member delivering a flawless performance. The vibrant backdrop of waterfalls and volcanoes added an earthy dimension to their 105-minute setlist, making it a visual as well as auditory delight. Nathan, taking his position on the drums, wore an England football shirt, a nod to the team’s win against Slovakia that night.

“How you all doing tonight? You look amazing out there. This is fantastic!” announced Caleb Followill to the sold-out crowd. “I was hoping we’d have fun tonight,” added Caleb. “…Didn’t have any idea we’d have this much fun.” The band’s setlist included “Ballerina Radio,” “On Call,” “The Bucket,” “Taper,” “Manhattan,” “Revelry,” “Nothing to Do,” and “My Party.” As the likes of “Pyro,” “Mustang,” “Molly’s Chambers,” “Milk,” “Fans,” “Black Down South,” “Nowhere to Run,” “King of the Rodeo,” “Wait For Me,” “Split Screen,” “Bandit,” “Find Me,” “Closer,” and “Seen” filled the air, brothers Caleb, Nathan, Jared, and cousin Matthew delved into their rich back catalogue, eventually bringing this evening of epic entertainment to a close with a star-filled backdrop encore of “Rainbow Ball,” “Waste A Moment,” and “Cold Desert,” before ending with a soaring rendition of “Use Somebody,” with BST Hyde Park joining the band en masse.

A Unique Festival Experience

BST Hyde Park is more than just a series of concerts; it’s a cultural event. The unique setup, with multiple stages and diverse acts, provides something for everyone. This year’s festival showcased the best in rock, blues, and indie-pop, each act bringing its unique flair and energy.


Reflecting on the Day

Reflecting on the day, it’s clear that music has a profound way of bringing people together. Whether it was the raw energy of The Vaccines, the soulful mastery of Gary Clark Jr., the emotional depth of Paolo Nutini, or the rock anthems of Kings of Leon, each performance offered something special. The mix of emerging talent and established legends created a rich tapestry of musical experiences.


Day two at BST Hyde Park was a reminder of why live music is so vital. It’s not just about the songs, but the shared experience, the connection between artists and audience, and the memories created. Despite some hiccups, like SZA’s late start the previous night, the festival overall was a triumph. It celebrated the enduring power of music to entertain, inspire, and unite.


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