How to raise your adrenaline junkie at skate parks for beginners in London

Is your child interested in skating, but you’re not sure where to take them to learn? Don’t worry, you’re in luck. Our city is home to one of the most established skateboarding communities in the world. There are over 65 London Skate Parks to choose from, catering for all abilities and disciplines. But not all skateparks are suitable for newbies and they are certainly not playgrounds. Following on from our recent article, the best skate parks in London, I have selected my top five skate parks for beginners.

  1. Bay 66

I mentioned this skate park in my pervious article, and West London’s Bay 66 is certainly a great place for your child to begin learning and become immersed within the skateboarding community. The most important thing for a beginner skater is that they have a safe amount of space to get the hang of the basics. Bay 66 is a vast space that contains a large variety of obstacles, both large and small, giving your child a chance to build up their confidence and ability. Bay 66 also offers a Skate Camp every school holiday (including the coming February half term!). The Skate Camp is an excellent chance for your child to receive lessons and advice from professional skateboarders, whilst getting to meet other children interested in skateboarding.

  1. House of Vans

Also mentioned in my previous article, the House of Vans is a remarkable project that brings together all ages and abilities with the joy of skateboarding. As well as being a completely indoor skate park with one of the largest bowls in London, it functions as a space for art exhibitions, concerts, workshops and other events. The House of Vans is an amazing way to inspire your child through the creative community associated with skateboarding. The House of Van’s also offers free lessons for beginners that take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and can be booked directly from the website. Do bear in mind the skate park does only cater for skateboard and BMX riders.

  1. Clapham Common Skatepark

Clapham Common skatepark was rebuilt in 2012 and has become a hub for young skaters and scooter riders in particular. The skate park mainly consists of smaller obstacles, allowing your child to grips with the basics without endangering themselves or more experienced riders flying over giant obstacles found at many other skateparks. Right by the skate park is the lovely Field’s café which serves a selections of hot drinks and snacks, so will keep you very comfortable whilst your child is occupied with their new outdoor exercise activity.

  1. Cantelowes Skatepark

Located on the Camden Road, Cantelowes skatepark is one of the older skateparks in London, but due its great location and redevelopment, has continued to be a popular skatepark among all action sport disciplines. The skatepark is looked after by Camden Council and is open between 11am-9pm. The Cantelowes is perhaps most known for its large bowl, but as well as this it has a great deal of space around it with lots of different types of obstacles. The skatepark’s redevelopment was part of a major project that also included a new multi-use sports pitch and two new children’s playgrounds, so is a great place to take the kids out for a day of fun and exercise.

  1. Victoria Park Skatepark

Located in the East London’s biggest park, Victoria Park skatepark is a modern marvel of skateboarding design and innovation. Its giant bowl means it’s one of the best places in London to witness transition (bowl & ramp) skateboarding and BMX riding at its best. As well as the bowl, the skate park has a street section and smaller bowl with a range of obstacles that will enable your child to progress their skills and build up towards the bigger obstacles. The skatepark is also situated next to one London’s larger children’s playgrounds, catering for a great day out for all ages.


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