Notting Hill Carnival Highlights and why I love Londoners so much

On one of the last sunny days of Summer getting on my bike from Richmond Park to Notting Hill Carnival made me really appreciate why I love London and Londoners so much.

If you could not attend Notting Hill Carnival this year, you missed out on an absolute corker! Watch my vlog on YouTube to feel the fantastic vibe at the biggest street party in Europe. I hope I could convey the spirit of the festival in this 5 minute video.

Notting Hill Carnival Highlights

The Vlog

Reaching the Notting Hill area is impossible on Carnival days unless you use public transport or bicycles. So I decided to make the most of the sunshine and cycle there. Crossing West London on the bicycle is the best way to explore areas of the Capital that you would not otherwise see. Stopping for a quick selfie from Hammersmith Bridge, going through Holland Park while it’s still empty has no price tag.

Monica selfie from Hammersmith London Mums magazine

Along the way people kept smiling at me.. because this is London and Londoners are some of the best people in the world. Always happy especially on a sunny day.

This is probably THE THING that has kept me in this City for almost 20 years and counting. Because once you embrace the London spirit you inevitably become a Londoner, whether you like it or not. Samuel Johnson was right when he said:

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

Don’t get me started on my love for London and let me give you highlights as well as important information on this festival.

I knew the day would be intense. There’s so much to do from following the dancers’ parade behind the tracks,  taking pictures of the vibrant colourful costumes, listening to talented Jamaican musicians at every corner, tasting Caribbean food  and simply be absorbing the vibe around you together with people harmoniously smiling and dancing. There’s a unique feel of togetherness like nowhere else in the world that made me reflect on how lucky I am to enjoy life in this micro cosmos of a peaceful multicultural society. Even policemen were extremely friendly and supportive.

Notting Hill Carnival street music

Before going with my 10 year old son, I was a bit nervous about drunken people, potential criminal activities as the media reported stabbings etc so I was very vigilant. But once arrived there, I realised that there were so many police forces on alert and the party was very peaceful. Incidents can happen but I’d say they are rather isolated. Diego had all his home details in his jeans’ pocket and was briefed on potential dangers so he behaved well and enjoyed the event.

It was my first time visiting the festival since he was born so I felt almost like Carnival-virgin. I used to attend every year before he was born but when he was younger I never dared going back.

I feel lucky I was one of the two million people who attended Notting Hill Carnival this year! 

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy the video (filled with information on the event) and please share your experiences if you have been there too.

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