New Music! Acid Jazz artist Monday Michiru’s album ‘ENSO’

Last night, The Forge in Camden Town, London played host to a special one-off concert by Monday Michiru, the Japanese singer/songwriter and pioneer of the acid-jazz movement in the early 1990s. This show was part of the Acid Jazz & Other Illicit Grooves exhibition and tour that is taking place in Camden 19-24 April 2023. Tomorrow is the last day of this special event in London before it goes to Luton and Bristol. Tickets available from here.

Monday Michiru has been releasing solo albums since 1991 and has collaborated with a number of renowned musicians and bands including Basement Jaxx, Kyoto Jazz Massive, DJ Krush, Masters at Work, United Future Organisation, Mondo Grosso, and Soul Bossa Trio.

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Monday Michiru is the daughter of jazz pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi and jazz saxophonist Charlie Mariano. Besides her music career, Monday is also a successful actress, model, radio presenter, and journalist. Her impressive career in multiple fields is a testament to her versatility and creative abilities.

Monday’s latest album ‘ENSO’ is an outstanding piece of work that features guest appearances from a number of renowned musicians including Lew Tabackin, Ursula Rucker, Lucas Arruda, and more. The album has received critical acclaim and the concert in London was a celebration of this achievement. The audience at The Forge was eagerly anticipating Monday Michiru’s performance and was not disappointed.

The concert began with the opening act, a local soul duo, Carmy Love, who warmed up the audience with their soulful melodic jazz renditions. The duo was followed by Monday Michiru’s band who took the stage to thunderous applause.

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Monday Michiru’s performance was a masterclass in musicianship and stage presence. Her voice was as powerful and emotive as ever, and her six-strong band including sax/clarinet, contrabass/ bass guitar, was in top form, providing a perfect musical backdrop to her performance. The crowd was fully engaged and responded with great enthusiasm throughout the concert.

Monday Michiru performed a selection of tracks from her new album, as well as some of her classic tracks from previous albums.

One of the highlights of the concert was Monday Michiru’s performance of ‘Child of The Sun’, a track from her new album that features a spoken word contribution from Ursula Rucker. The track’s lyrics, which speak to themes of resilience and hope, were delivered with great emotional intensity by both Monday who covered Ursula Rucker’s words. The audience was visibly moved by the performance and responded with rapturous applause.

Monday Michiru’s stage presence was magnetic, and she engaged with the audience throughout the concert, sharing anecdotes and insights into the making of her new album. Her personality shone through in her performance, and her passion for music was evident in every note she sang.

The concert ended on a high note with Monday Michiru’s performance of ‘Higher Ground‘, a track that features a gospel-influenced chorus and uplifting lyrics that speak to the power of perseverance and hope. The track’s soaring chorus and Monday Michiru’s soulful vocals had the entire audience on their feet, dancing and singing along.

Monday Michiru’s performance at The Forge in Camden Town was a triumphant celebration of her new album ‘ENSO’. The concert showcased her versatility as a musician, her ability to engage with the audience, and her passion for music. Monday Michiru’s performance was a reminder of the power of music to uplift and inspire, and a testament to the enduring legacy of the acid-jazz movement that she helped to pioneer.

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Monica Costa at The Forge

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