New London themed Lego store opens in Leicester Square

Today toymaker Lego has opened its world’s biggest stores in Leicester Square spanning 914 sq m over two floors. The theme of the Lego store is London: the unique brick-built symbols of London featured in the store will excite UK families but also the thousands of tourists landing in Leicester Square every day. A new scale model of the iconic Big Ben (over 200,000 bricks and 6.53m high) and Houses of Parliament buildings is on display. The details on the Big Ben are stunning and the chimes also realistic. It’s probably the best looking Big Ben after the real thing. 


The London Lego store wants to create LEGO play experiences for young (and less young) children with dedicated hands-on building areas where people can create their own mini figures and other constructions with the aid of very talented designers, who are also conducting special building demonstrations and interactive workshops.


A mascot named Lester is an exclusive addition to the Lego store as well as the Lego dragon called Brickley who looks like a real London with the typical hat and umbrella.


I had a sneak preview of the store a day ahead of the big opening and here is photographic evidence as well as new exclusive product sets I found ahead of Christmas shopping. Lego fans will love the facts on how the displays were built.




London Underground Train Carriage (Tube)


  • The model stands at 2 metres high and 5 metres long
  • Features a seated William Shakespeare LEGO figure amongst other LEGO models
  • Comprises 637,902LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 2,126 kgs
  • Took 3,399 hours to build


Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)


  • The 1:15 scale model stands at two floors high, 5 metres
  • Comprises 344,020LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 1,035 kgs
  • Took six model builders 2,735 hours to build
  • Features a working, backlit clock which chimes with a replica sound of the real bell, Big Ben


Brickley (LEGO Dragon)


  • Brickley winds his way along the length of the Swiss Court window and is three separate builds
  • Comprises 250,785LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 792 kgs in total
  • Took 725 hours to build

LEGO Store Entrance Archway


  • A LEGO Leicester Square London Underground roundel sign sits between two street lamps to create an impressive 2 metres high archway in the entrance to the store
  • Comprises 81,000LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 370 kgs (in total)
  • Took 438 hours to build



Telephone Box


  • The full sized replica of an iconic red telephone box stands at 6 metres tall
  • Comprises 220,470LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 698 kgs
  • Took 883 hours to build

London Underground Map Mosaic


  • Comprises 16,500LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 90 kgs
  • Took 90 hours to build


Lester Minifigure Statue


  • Lester is the LEGO minifigure mascot for the Leicester Square store
  • The statue stands at 2 metres tall on a 30 cm high customised plinth
  • Comprises 24,500LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 57 kgs (in total)
  • Took two builders 90 hours to build


Royal Mail Post Box


  • Stands at over a metre tall
  • Comprises 20,700LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 73 kgs
  • Took 105 hours to build


Skyline Mosaic


  • Adorning the wall of the store staircase, this large-scale mosaic comprises 265,557 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 57 kgs
  • And took 90 hours to build

Mosaic Maker


The ‘Mosaic Maker’ offers LEGO fans of all ages the opportunity to purchase their very own, one of a kind, personalised LEGO mosaic portrait. The machine captures your image and in under three minutes printed instructions and the bricks required to complete the LEGO portrait are supplied to the customer. The London store is the first in the world to make this unique experience available.


The talented designers behind Lego


You might not know his face but Duncan Titmarsh (here with me in the above photo) is UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional responsible for all Covent Garden Christmas installations (this year’s building will be revealed on 29 November) as well as the Land Rover Tower Bridge installation featured in my cover interview with Bear Grylls. Read it in this issue of the London Mums magazine.

london_mums_2016_issue_19_r3-6 london_mums_2016_issue_19_r3-7 london_mums_2016_issue_19_r3-8


These are the top designers of Lego Architecture who made my day with their kindness signing my special London architecture Lego boxes and dedicated them to my 10 year old son who is a massive fan. lego-store-monica-designers-photo


Christmas hit products













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